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Can bettas become shy?

I got my female betta as a baby and raised her in a 1 gallon kept at 82 degrees with two silk plants with water changes every other day. I purchased her in September so she's probably 10-11 months old. I've always planned on moving her to my 5 gallon marineland eclipse when she got big enough. She is now big enough so I set up my 5 gallon with two filters, both at a very low flow and heater at 82 degrees.

Anyway, when she was in the one gallon she was very friendly. She would always come out when I entered the room and follow me and beg for food. Ever since she's been in the five gallon (2 days) she darts away at the sight of me! Do some bettas just need time to get used to their new surroundings? She has two silk plants to hide in. All other behavior as far as eating and her physical appearance are normal aside from what I've read are stress lines.

I'm hoping she just needs a few days to scope things out. Has anyone ever experienced a fish enjoying smaller spaces?
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It generally takes some time to adjust to new surroundings, so give her a few more days. I would put more hiding places in her tank for her and make sure you approach the tank slowly, and try not to startle her. My male took about 2 weeks to adjust to his 5 gallon tank, but still startles easily because there are more ways for my body to cast shadows into his tank.
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I agree with sainthogan, give her a couple more days. But yes, I have heard of cases of bettas preferring smaller tanks to larger ones. It's not super common, but it's not super rare, either. She's been in the smaller tank for... 9 months? Am I doing the math right? Being put in a larger tank is going to be a huge shock for her, and it might turn out that she simply prefers the smaller tank because she's used to it. But definitely give her more time and keep the tank light off so she can destress a little bit. Best of luck!
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