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What is the best gravel to simulate habitat?

I'm currently moving my female betta out of the 10 gallon since she's getting nippy with a new member.

I'm going to give her her own tank. I would like to replicate their natural habitat whenever I can.

So my first question is what gravel will be the best to simulate the earth in their natural environment? Also, I live in a cramped space and already have a 10 gallon. What's the smallest betta solo tank I could get so that the betta stays happy?

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The smallest I go is a 2.5g permanent home. Not sure where you live but Petsmart has a little rectangular one with a glass lid that IMO is perfect. Here's a link to the one I'm talking about:

They're natural habitat is more dirt than gravel. I have gravel in all my tanks & nobody seems to mind. Most of my tanks have real plants & a couple have silk & (safe) plastic.
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For a female I would always go as large as possible - girls are even more keen on space due to their shorter fins. :)

+1 to shellieca on the substrate of their natural habitats - it's going to be dirt, covered in leaves, dead plants, and other debris. Tricky to replicate in a tank. Dark sand with IAL on top of it and a handful of natural gravel scattered around would the closest you'd get, I suspect. :)
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Old 06-02-2013, 09:56 AM   #4 
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I think a leaf litter would look cool. I think Littlebettafish uses a leaf litter :)
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For gravel, I really like CongaRoc. It's just about the only non-expoxied/non treated aquarium gravel you can buy. It is commonly believed that epoxied rock is inert, but my friend with a PhD in Chemistry has told me that is absolutely not true. CongaRoc comes in colors, which lose color over time (and I don't recommend), but it also comes in various natural kinds, which is what I got. If you can't get CongaRoc, both Top Fin and Aqua Culture make a natural kind that is brownish (looks like real rocks) which is called polished pebbles or river rock or somesuch.

You could go with a 5 gallon (Aquarius/KollerCraft/Hawkeye) makes several good ones. I have a 3 gallon AquaCulture (made by Hawkeye) that I am very fond of.

PetCo makes a 6 gallon bookshelf aquarium for about $40 that is very good.
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Thanks for all the advice guys. I got an excellent 5 gallon tank that I'm about to set up right now, real excited. I think I got a little carried away trying to perfectly simulate a betta's habitat. But I got this nice clay substrate that is supposed to be good for growing plants.It's called Bloom & Grow biologically alive substrate by Microbe Lift. Cheap only 15 bucks (well cheap for planting substrate I think).
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