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Drilled tank/sump? Okay for sorority?

Hi, all! So I am very interested in this deal that I found on Craigslist: It's a 75-gallon saltwater set up it comes with a (4) t5 bulb light less then 6 months old, drilled tank,oceanic sump, external pump, heater.

I obviously don't need a saltwater setup, but it's $300, which I know is a great deal. Just the light alone is at least $100, and he says the sump is worth what he's asking for it.

But here's the deal: I know NOTHING about saltwater setups or sumps or drilled tanks. Can I use this for freshwater? Does it provide any advantages? How good a deal do you think it is, if it's in good shape?
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Reference Team
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That's the kind of setup usually used for overstocked community aquaria (or saltwater). It's way overkill for Betta, even a sorority. But for that price, you've got a rare bargain. By all means, buy it.

Does it come with a stank. That big a tank needs a sturdy stand. It'll weigh <650 pounds.

It's drilled for the plumbing to run to a sump (a separate tank) under the show tank. I'd seal up the holes and build a customary planted, filtered tank. You can use the sump feature later, if you ever want to get a serious community tank started. With 75g you can keep almost anything.

Have fun learning all about it ;-}
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I have this same setup that is my main tropical tank. Set up the sump properly and you will have the best freshwater setup you can ask for!
However, I would not use it for bettas. Just too much water flow.

I keep rainbowfish and rams in mine and my plants grow like mad. You can check it out in my albums under tanks!

P.S. If you don't want it for that price, I'll take it! My setup new cost me around $3,000
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