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Location: San Francisco, Ca

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, most call me Bunny. I live in San Francisco, California and I'm 25.

My brother was living at UC Berkeley as the Vice President of a Fraternity. He had this genius idea of getting himself a pet. He bought himself a small tank and a Betta and never named the guy. I love my brother, but he rarely cleaned the water or fed the fish because he was too busy with school, frat life, girls, etc. He moved back home, got a great job and is now traveling the USA. Here's where I come in! I started sneaking into his room and feeding the fish without his knowledge. Apparently, he noticed anyway and when he went off on a 2 months business trip, asked me to babysit his fish. Naturally, I became extremely emotionally attached to the fish, named him Abee (it means Blue in Farsi), got him a 5 gallon tank, and moved his butt to my room. I called my brother and let him know that I would be confiscating his fish because I truly fell in love.

I came to this forum because no one seems to understand my love affair with Abee. He knows his name, plays soccer with a marble, goes through hoops I put in his tank, and lets me pet him. My fiance thinks I'm insane because he caught me baby talking my Abee one morning. He thinks I'm so insane, that he got 2 fish, a male corydora named Binky, and a red and black Platy named Licorice, and gifted them to me as tank mates for Abee, thinking I'd share my love for Abee with them. They're cool, but Abee is smart and different from other fish. He has a real brain. I can no longer eat sushi.

There's my way too much information, super talkative, and probably insane intro!
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Hi there! and no worries, we're all insane here so you came to the right place! lol

Nice to meet you, pretty much everyone call's me lil haha

I just want to warn you though, corydoras needs a group of at least 3 of them because they are social fish and he might become depressed and stuff. And 3 more fish won't fit into your tank.

Also that Platy is going to get big, they are also huuuuuuuge waste producers so....I'm sorry, I know you like it and all, but I'd return it before your tank ends up overpiled with poo.

Abee will be perfectly fine by himself in his tank, he'll actually probably enjoy it more because they are still territorial fish

Anyway, I hope you find the site useful and go right ahead and talk whenever! Pretty much there will always be someone responding
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Location: Delaware
welcome to betta! I don't think it's insane that you talk to Abee like he's a baby. I do that, too.
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Hi,welcome to the forum,nice to meet you!
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I've got a 75 gallon tropical tank, a 40 gallon cold water tank, a 5 gallon betta tank, and a 200 gallon garden pond at home, and two 5 gallon and a 2.5 gallon betta tanks in my office.
And your boyfriend thinks YOUR nuts? lol
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