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Regret of Leaving an Animal Behind

I've experienced the title before when we adopted Herbie, since I really liked a Husky mix named Sparky, but he was 5 years old, and I didn't want to lose another animal so soon (little did I know at that time).

Today, I went to Pet Smart and picked up some things I needed for the tank, including a (supposed) adjustable heater (I will be taking it back if I find it's not adjustable like I wanted), a silk plant for Merlin's side of the tank (Dragoon seems to be doing fine with his large plastic plant), and some more filter bags since I think mine is getting to the point of needing changing.

Anyway, there on the shelf was the betta I'd passed up before, and I realized I'd made a mistake in saying he was injured, apart from his shriveled or curled up ventrual fins, he's perfectly fine, and the heart breaker is that when I put my hand on the shelf, he swam down to it and gave me such a trusting expression that I nearly picked him up and took him home with me. Sadly, I can't take him home, even though I really want to. My mom made it clear that I can't have any more bettas and I sort of know that (though part of me argues that I can buy a 10 gallon and that I'd just need a different adjustable heater since I have a different filter I can use that came with my 5.5 that I'm not using due to it's size). I understand why I shouldn't get him, which is why I left him there once again, but he was just such a sweet heart and due to his faded/dull colors I have a feeling he'll remain there for some time...I just feel guilty that I left him there when I thought he was injured more than he actually is...

Anyway, thinking that next time, while I keep an eye on my boys for ick (though I'm starting to believe that it's just how the light is hitting Dragoon's scales) that I'll start posting about my past & present pets since they are all special to me.
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BettaLover1313's Pets: Part I-Pebbles

Though I won't say I've gotten over that little guy at Pet Smart, I know I can't get him. If he's still there when I am able to get another, you can bet I will pick him up in a heart beat!

So far it seems like it really is just the light hitting Dragoon's scales that make it look like he has ick starting, but I shall keep observing both him and Merlin.

Anyway, to the pets!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~


My first dog, and my mom's best friend, Pebbles was a large mutt that was part German Shepherd, Husky, and a teeny, tiny bit of wolf. She was basically my older sister, having been born nine months ahead of me.

She was very tolerant of me to some extent, but it took me ages to get to the point where she'd lay next to me and give me kisses since I stepped on her tail a lot as a little kid (toddlers have no control of where they walk).

The first time Pebbles actually chose to lay next to me is one of my fondest memories of her along with when we both started to slip and slide while running at my grandparents and we both somehow managed to keep our feet and keep running until we were at the door.

Her loving personality, her possessiveness of my mom and I (seriously, she would snub us for several minutes after we'd petted another dog and then she'd rub her fur all over us to get her scent on us), and just her as a whole, is not something I can easily put into words, but is definitely something that I will never forget.

Earning her trust and more of her love was such a great feeling when I finally earned it. I learned so much from Pebbles about dogs, and when we had to put her down at age 13 (she was to be 14 in a month), both my mom and I were devastated by the loss. My mom had lost her best friend, her rock, and I lost my best friend, my sister.
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Aww, Pebbles sounds like she was a very special dog. I'm sorry for your loss.
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Huffle Puffles
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I really enjoyed reading through your journal. Your pets seem like they all have such strong personalities! Especially Merlin getting all grumpy when he thinks you've ignored his meal time. That gave me a good giggle. I'm glad they have all found such a caring owner!
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dramaqueen-Thank you, she was very special.

Huffle Puffles-Yeah, all my pets have been like that, they each have their own unique personalities that really stand out.
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BettaLover1313's Pets: Part II-Herbie

So I'm almost convinced that the white spots I'm seeing on Dragoon is just how the light is hitting his scales in parts of his tank (particularly one part where I typically see him at). Still keeping an eye on both boys though, just to be on the safe side. I have to change 1/2 their water in a bit meaning they both get their bloodworm treats afterwards (oh boy will they be happy!)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Even though it's been almost a year since he passed, I still miss my buddy, my rock, and an all around awesome dog.

We adopted Herbie 6 months after Pebbles passed from a humane society in the county next to ours, we'd just moved to our new home, leaving my grandparents house, and even though I somewhat regret pushing my mom, I needed a companion and protector at home, especially in a new town that I wasn't familiar with and being on my own very often. While looking at the dogs I actually fell in love with a Husky mix named Sparky, but he was already 5 years old, and I didn't want to deal with any more heart ache anytime soon (boy how little did I know then). So we didn't take him out of his kennel to look at him, instead we looked at a little puppy named Sweet Pea, who already had her heart set on the kennel worker, a shepherd mix named Frisbee, who was obsessed with peeing on everything more than visiting with us, a Pit Bull mix named Hope who was just a bundle of energy, and the last dog of the day, Hope's littermate, Herbie, who was interested in us and not as high energy as his sister. My mom and I filled out the paper work and told the staff that we would be back tomorrow to look at some more dogs.
The following day, it was raining, but that was for the better in our minds since we wanted to see how the dogs...or should I say one dog in particularly. First though, we looked at a dog we didn't get a chance to look at the previous day, a Labrador mix named Diesel who'd been abandoned in their park. Diesel though, was too full of energy for us couch potatoes. When we'd taken Diesel past Herbie's kennel though, that boy had the most dejected look I've ever seen on a dog. He grew excited again though when we came back and took him to the room. There, we got the sign we'd been looking for to show that he was the right dog-he rolled over on his back and exposed his belly for a belly rub (we thought later that he saw "suckers" written on our foreheads).
After getting our sign, we spoke with the manager and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that our application had been approved (the manager of the time was known for being very strict about adopters). We explained to her that we were very interested in Herbie, and we learned his, and his siblings story:
Herbie had been from a litter of seven, him and his two littermates Hope and Hewie (who'd already been adopted as it said on his kennel) had been left at the Humane Society, not even weaned from their mother. They were raised at the Humane Society and all of them had names beginning with "H" to show they were littermates. The manager stressed that we needed to get a fence since Pit Bull type dogs didn't do well chained to a leash (we'd already been planning on getting a fence), and stressed several other points.
Now this got me and my mom perplexed. We were still under the stereotype of Pit Bull type dogs at the time, but this is where my research on dog breeds began: I got several books and magazines on dog breeds and "Bully Breeds" and I came to have a great love for the breed, not just through reading these books and magazines, but most importantly, I came to love the breed from owning a lovable, smiling bulldozer.
It was a rough start with Herbie, we found that our new pound puppy that was a Lab/Boxer/Pit Bull mix of 6 months of age found his voice as soon as he got home, had separation anxiety for the first several months we had him, and he decided to re-decorate our house (chewed just about everything!). He did go to training and he learned sit, stay, down, come, and leave it, though he only did some of these for treats. However, there was a trick I taught him--Herbie actually knew how to high-five, and he knew the difference between give paw and high-five too. He was a smart cookie when he wanted to be.
However, there were really awesome moments with him too. Walks were our special times where I talked to him about everything and he listened. There was a time we were jogging and I tricked, releasing his leash, but instead of continuing to run, he stopped and came back, checking to see if I was okay and waiting until I picked up his leash and we were off again.
Also, Herbie loved car rides. I can't stress this enough--this dog LOVED car rides, especially once he discovered "shot gun". If he could go on a car ride, he was in paradise, not only because he got treats, but because he got to keep track of his humans.
Herbie was also a sensitive dog, he was a nanny dog when we were sick, staying near us even as we (excuse the vulgarness here) puked into the toilet, he would sit right in front of you and let you cry into his sleek fur when you had a bad day, and he was just all around an amazing dog.
He had his "bad" traits too. Herbie was skittish and defensive of you can guess, not really great traits to combine. This is where some issues came up as well, and I will tell you the one story that goes with it.
I was in FFA during high school, and we had a petting zoo for the elementary school kids "Field Day". Herbie was great with kids, they could pull his ears, yank his tail, slap him wherever and he wouldn't flinch. That day, there was a storm coming, and he hated storms, and a woman came to pet him, camera in hand. I've told you that he was a defensive dog, and skittish. This woman came up on his blind side and he jumped at her, nipping her in warning and out of defense. Admittedly, his nip was still strong enough to break the skin, but it was a warning. No kids saw what happened and the woman seemed to understand. Later I learned that she blabbed to our next door neighbors, one of whom decided to call Herbie several derogatory names (to say the least, we don't speak to them anymore). This neighbor also insinuated that I brought a vicious dog to a petting zoo. As stated above, kids were smacking, yanking, and pulling at him all from blind spots, and he didn't react. It was only when an adult did this that he reacted. I'm not proud that he reacted that way, but he wasn't vicious.
When I started attending college, Herbie started to lose weight, and we assumed it was from depression, the vet agree with us, but when I came home for the summer, he took a turn for the worst, and we took him to the vet again, our usual doctor wasn't in, so we had to rely on the other vets opinions, and there opinion was that he needed surgery after taking an x-ray and noticing a strange lump, and they thought he had eaten something bad.
After surgery they informed us that he the lump had been his stomach had become enlarged, and they had taken a biopsy to find out what was wrong.
Mom and I took him home the following morning, and we stayed with him throughout the day and into the night, but he wouldn't take his meds. We only managed to get the steroid pills down. It was a long night, and we both had to take naps off and on. I woke up from one of these naps to see Herbie spring to his paws and run across the room, I screamed at him to stop, since he still had stitches, and then my whole world slowed down as I watched him topple to the floor in slow motion. I lost all control. My mom was better off, immediately at Herbie's head and giving him mouth-to-nose and telling me to call the vet while pleading with him not to die. After several clumsy attempts, tears streaming down my face as I also pleaded with my buddy not to die, I got the vet who said if we could, we were to bring him in. Herbie started breathing again, and he was dazed. Somehow, my mom and I got a blanket under him and lifted him up and to the car. I sat in the back seat with him, stroking him as he slowly regained his senses.
When we arrived at the vet, the vet on call said to leave him there, and we carried Herbie into the back where the kennels were. I told Herbie we'd be coming back to take him home soon, and Mom told him to keep fighting and that he was loved. I told the vet not to leave him alone, terrified that he would have another fit, or seizure, or whatever had happened at home.
Back at home, we were hopeful that we'd be seeing our boy again, but then Mom got a phone call, and though I didn't hear it, I watched as tears sprang to her eyes, and I really lost it then. I know you've probably read in books about wails of grief, but I'd never heard one, until one was ripped from me knowing that my buddy, my 5 year old buddy was gone, and he wasn't coming home. Mom told me that the vet had left him alone for five minutes, and when he'd checked on him again, Herbie was gone; the vet said it was probably from a blood clot.
My mother and cried all that night. Herbie was gone, we'd left him all alone, just as his life had started at an animal shelter. We both regretted so much-our financial situation that had influenced some of the choices we had made, me not telling him that I loved him when we left, and then our thoughts turned towards the vet, who'd we'd been having problems with for some time now with how their secretarial staff was, and then with how our words and opinions on OUR dog were treated. True, we weren't vets, but when we told them something was off with our dog, they tended to ignore it. We decided then and there that we wouldn't be going back. We liked the one doctor, but one vet isn't enough to keep us there. We knew we couldn't blame them for Herbie's death, but it was the "straw that broke the camel's back".
Herbie wasn't the perfect dog, he had his moments, but he was my buddy, my rock, and I still miss him dearly even though a year has passed since his death.
Pebbles had a quilt made from her bandannas that the groomer gave her when she passed, Herbie had two pillows made one from my mom, and one for me so that we could hug them when we were upset, and upset we often were, but I'll explain that more at a certain betta's "story so far" part. Herbie was our lovable smiling bulldozer who taught my mom and I so much about Pit Bulls and how special a dog he truly was. We were lucky to have him and to have known his love.
Miss you always, buddy...
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BettaLover1313's Pets: Part III-Renji

I ended up not changing the water yesterday, however, the boys both got their bloodworm treats since I'd left their "feeding lid" opened all day again, so they'd been hovering near it the whole time I'd been at work >.< I will be changing their water today and then they'll be really happy in getting more bloodworms afterwards. I'm going to try and get Merlin's new silk plant in, and possibly the new heater (half afraid to look at it and find that it's not adjustable).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


When Herbie was about two or three years old, a new creature appeared in our household, or more specifically, our backyard.
All three of us had been in the living room when we heard a loud "BONG!!!". Mom and I frowned at each other since it sounded like our cellar doors had gotten hit with something, which was extremely odd since we have a fenced in yard. I went outside to investigate and came upon a brown tiger striped cat with white markings on his chin, chest, front feet, back legs, stomach, and tail tip. Unlike the last stray that had come into our yard, the first thing this one did was say "Meow" as I opened the gate. Instead of shooting out of it, this stray rubbed against my legs and allowed me to pet him...I was sold.
I'd been volunteering at the shelter we'd gotten Herbie from, working with the cats, and I knew that the one in the yard right now was a sweetheart. Dashing back inside I brought my mother out, and the cat was still there.
Silly me, I asked if we could keep him, and though my mom was wary, she said she'd have to stay somewhere else for the night while we got the necessary items for her. We'd already assumed that the cat was female and we named her Sweetie.
Sweetie went to AlphaOmega666's house for a night, and we took her back the next day since we had all the necessary items from bowls, to a litter box, to food. My mom had already scheduled a vet appointment for the cat too. So when the cat's vet appointment came around low and behold, our she was actually a he, or more specifically, a neutered male cat.
Back at home, we'd discovered that our cat was a chatter box, meowing for EVERYTHING! We had a dilemma though...what to name him? Sweetie, was more a female name, so we thought and thought, and then I suggested using a character's name from the manga Bleach called Renji, and the name just stuck.
Renji proved to be a bit of an annoyance, especially when he couldn't come upstairs all the time due to the jealous Herbie, who thought all attention belonged to him; but even when he was annoying, Renji was also a sweet heart, lovable, and very silly, and we enjoyed spending time with him in the basement (which is carpeted and really isn't that different from the upstairs).
Then Herbie passed away, and the cat got free run of the upstairs, boy was he ever happy. I couldn't enjoy his happiness though, only aware that I'd lost my best friend. Even while I was in these dark moods though, Renji would come up to me, lay in my lap, and snuggle, and some of my dark mood would leave while I enjoyed the little, purr-machine in my lap.
Unfortunately, college came along all too quickly, and I would be left with nothing to care for. However, Renji kept my mother sane at home, being her little man around the house, being her shadow, sleeping with her at night, and giving her all the love she needed after Herbie's passing. My mom bonded with the cat, and it's very obvious that he's her cat, but that's fine with me. Renji will still come into my lap and be a little purr-machine, which I love!
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Just an extra post from me today since my boys have had an adventurous night and now day. I will say though, if you're tired of reading the sad posts about my pets, I can put a mark to let you know if they're sad or not. Renji's is actually a happy one since he's still with me and my mom in case some of you were wary of reading his .

Anyway! To Merlin and Dragoon's adventure last night!

Last night Renji and Lucky were in a playful mood, both were in "pounce mode", the dog pounced on the cat, and then Lucky, being the silly goofball of a dog that he is, followed Renji into my room and I followed them since Renji has started showing interest in my tank again and I didn't want him bothering my fish. Renji decided to hide behind some stuff in my room, but Lucky could still see him. I sat down on my bed to watch the show.

Renji kept preparing to pounce, but Lucky kept moving out of range and I'd watch him settle back down to wait. I called my mom in to watch this (bare in mind that my room was semi-dark). I took my eyes off the cat for a minute to glance at my tank only to see Merlin flaring furiously at both the cat and the dog as if to say "GET OUT!!!" I laughed since I know Merlin has flared at the cat before when the cat was on his eye level, I didn't realize that he did it when he was looking down on him.

My mom entered the room and Merlin turned his attention to her, flaring still more, then he flared at Dragoon, and then me when I came up to his tank (by now the dog and cat had stopped their antics for the time being). I realized that he'd made a bubble nest upon closer inspection and that's why he was particularly moody. Dragoon had made one as well, but he was his usual hyper self, just swimming all over his tank.

Now for today, the boys are currently sitting in their cups while I test out their new adjustable heater (got one when I noticed the few white spots on Dragoon, but they really are just how the light hits his scales in parts of his tank since I didn't see them at all when I put him in his cup). Anyway, I needed both boys out of the tank since I didn't want to risk boiling them if the heater didn't work as it was supposed to. So far it seems to be doing it's job, I have it set between 82 & 79 degrees just like the boys have been used to with their other heater.

I also put in Merlin's new silk plant taking out his old plastic one. I hope Merlin isn't too upset by the change of not only his heater (which he liked to lounge on) but his plant too, not to mention that I had to move his little cave around a bit. Hopefully he won't be too upset.

Speaking of upset, Dragoon still hates being confined to his cup (so does Merlin), but he nearly jumped out of it today, and I was so worried that I put the bloodworms containers over half of his hole in the middle of his cup, just enough so that he can't jump out of it, yet can still get air. I can't believe how much he thrashed in his cup though, even Merlin didn't thrash as long as Dragoon did! I couldn't believe how upset he was. I know neither of them likes it, but it's the only place I can put them while I adjust things in their tank/clean their tank.

Anyway, that should be all for today unless the boys do something else silly today! They'll both be getting bloodworms once they're out of their cups. The good things is, they shouldn't have to put up with the filter like the usually do since I have it running now while they're in their cups .
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Two different posts today, one about another of my pets, and then this one that you'll be reading in a second.

Anyway, went with my friend today to our local fish store, and I was blown away by the healthy condition of the fish, especially the bettas (even the ones in the cups, several males were in community tanks with other species including tetras and gouramis). I'm a bit worried though since my friend picked up a gourami and several members have said that gouramis shouldn't be paired with bettas, yet their was a tank with a male betta, dwarf gouramis (which is what my friend picked up) and a couple tetras. The owner seemed really knowledgeable, and he was very helpful when we spoke with him and he knew what he was talking about, he knew that bettas shouldn't be kept in itty bitty bowls, and I'm just very confused all of it right now since I don't want my friend to end up with either of her fish hurt.
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BettaLover1313's Pets: Part IV-Beta

Forgot in the last post, but my mom has agree with my plan about the one betta at Pet Smart. If that little guy is still there two weeks before I leave for college, I will be getting him, a heater, and a 10 gallon tank to accommodate all three bettas. If he isn't there, I will not be getting another for quite some time, I'm just happy that she agree (even if a bit reluctantly) with the compromise.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~


This is a story I've been pretty reluctant to tell, since I realize now after joining this site, that I was terrible owner to this little guy, but he was still special, and I learned from this experience, no matter how short it was.

I tried to raise fish in our classroom, from Greenies from the nearby lake to Mollies, but none of those were successful in high school, and I had help with those tanks too. So when AlphaOmega666 got a betta and told me all the fun she was having, I was skeptical. I mean, yes, fish could be fun to watch, but there was no way her betta was as great as she said.

When I started attending college, I became home sick, I missed my mom, Herbie, and Renji. So before I knew it, I was in Wal-Mart nearest my college, and I grabbed a Betta Bowl (didn't say it's size, I'll give it credit and say it was about .5 gallons--that's giving it credit mind you, I think it's smaller), some blue gems, a little fake corral, and of course, a handsome blue CT with a black face who I fell in love with instantly. All the way back to my dorm, I simply called him betta, so his name became Beta. I set the bowl up on my dorm room desk, and let him acclimate to the water in his cup (I said I knew some things).

So began Beta's time with me. His favorite past time was burrowing under the gems and scaring the crap out of me! Plus, I had to put a barrier over his bowl when I wasn't in the room, since he was a jumper. If I'd been smarter though, I would have realized that he wasn't eating his pellets, he kept taking them, but spitting them out.

I cleaned his water about every other day, and I was very careful with what I did around my desk, but for the most part, he seemed very calm. He even got visitors sometimes, two of my wing mates having bettas, and I'd watch them when they went away for the weekend.

Then the weekend came about a month after I got him where I needed to head home. I told my room mate to feed him and showed her how easy it was. She was fine with doing the feeding, so I went home happy to see my family.

I came back that Sunday and saw Beta at the bottom of his bowl, a thick coat of white slime covered his body and his eyes were hazy...he was dead. I was heart broken. My Beta was gone! I could tell that my room mate had fed him, I could see pellets in his bowl, I was just so confused as to what had happened.

I feel bad now at the flushing down the toilet I gave him, but I didn't even think of burying him in a planter and letting a new plant grow. I certainly couldn't dig a hole outside my dorm either. I didn't want another betta, a bit traumatized over the sudden death of my little guy, so I was content to just watch my wing mates' bettas whenever they needed me too. They knew I was a fish nut, heck, I volunteered at a fish hatchery, I couldn't be nuttier.

I still feel a twinge of guilt when I think of all the things that I did wrong for Beta. From the too small bowl, to not realizing that he wasn't eating his pellets, to just about everything I did with him .

S.I.P Beta, you were a great fish and I'm sorry I didn't take the best of care of you.
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