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Question NLS and food variety questions

So one, I'm confused about this NLS. I have the Betta formula and the small fish formula. Besides the fact that the Betta formula is twice the size, I'm confused on the difference... The ingredients are exactly the same, but the small fish formula has a higher protein percentage. Because of this, I just usually feed the small fish formula, especially to my sorority (smaller pellets = twice as many which means bigger chance that all the girls will get some). I don't know why the Betta formula has less protein? I'd recommend that people get the small fish formula instead of the Betta formula for Betta, lol (unless its a giant).

Second... I'm really having a difficult time with the whole food variety thing. I have NLS, Omega One, Aqueon, Black Gold (which they have a hard time eating) and Tetra which I never even use as well as FD bloodworms. I don't know what else I could give for variety?

I don't have frozen food because the nearest place that sells it is an hour away, I hardly ever have time to go there, don't know how I'd keep it frozen on the drive home, and online shipping for frozen food is crazy expensive (like $25!).

I know some people grow live food but I honestly don't know how that works, haha.

Any ideas for more variety?
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The difference is in the amounts of ingredients... That's why the protein content is different. I use NLS betta but both have great ingredients and both work.

For variety, I feed NLS as their primary diet, and add omega one, mealworm guts (they love it, I don't), etc, and I am getting a white worm culture soon. Live foods are amazingly simple and super fun and great for the fish. If you want I could give you basic care info.

Another thing is making your own food... I have seen all sorts of recipes, basically along the lines of shrimp, garlic, maybe salmon, and a little bit of veggie matter like spinach blended up with gelatin then frozen thin in a zip lock bag.
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I live forever out too. I just get the frozen stuff at the store, make sure it has it's own bag, as it will leak as it thaws, and then make sure it's laid flat to re-freeze.

I just set up a 'skeeter trap. I took some water siphoned from the bottom of a tank, crumbled a leaf in it, and stuck it in a clear plastic shoebox (use anything that holds water) on the porch. The mosquitoes will lay eggs in there, where I can easily net them out before they turn into nasty little bloodsuckers and feed the larvae to my fish. Scoop them up, give them a rinse and toss them in the tank. The fish LOVE them - it's their natural food.
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