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New With Fish

So as the story goes... I was given a betta fish for graduation and I've had it for like 2-3 days. I know nothing about fish, I am a horse person. I've been kind of following the fish store guys directions, except I did move my fish to a bigger bowl than what he came with for the moment.

My fish seems to be acting normal except he's picky with eating and so what variety of stuff can I feed him and do I have to get it at the fish store or is this something I can find at our local wallyworld?

I found this site and my consensus is that I should have a tank that is at least 2 gallons and a heater. Am I wrong or do I need more things?

Thanks! -R
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First, welcome to the forum.

A lot of people (myself included) feed New Life Spectrum (NLS). Tiny pellets and easy to feed. Most discourage the use of flakes. Most Wal-Mart foods aren't as nutritious as NLS. You can also get frozen bloodworms as a "treat" for once a week.

A two gallon is fine but if you can afford to get something bigger and have room, a 5-gallon would be perfect. Wal-Mart has a couple of 5-gallon tanks that have everything except the heater for around $25.00. If the your store doesn't have them, I think it's only a one-day store delivery.

You will also need something that detoxifies ammonia (I use Prime) and either an API Master test kit or individual liquid testers for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. You could buy 6-in-1 test strips but those aren't as accurate and you need accurate readings.

Read the stickies on tank cycling so you understand what's happening to your tank and why you need to keep a close check on the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.

Hope this helps.
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You can go with two gallons but it will require more water changes. My two gallon tanks get 50% water changes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Where my five gallon because it's big enough to have a filter and not have the flow throw my fish around I only have to do a 50% once a week so I guess it depends on how many water changes you want to do.

As far as other stuff in the tank silk plants make it look nice for you and give him places to hide, gravel looks nice too but I guess it isn't a 100% need. You'll need Stress Coat+ or some other kind of water conditioner for water changes so the chlorine in the tap water won't kill him.
For food I feed Omega One Betta Buffet Pellets and Hikari Frozen Bloodworms and my guys do well on it. It's lasting me a while and I've got four fish eating it so you should be set for a bit.
If he's spitting his food back out it means it's to big. If you're feeding pellets you can just crush them and he should take them unless he doesn't like them period. If he's not paying attention to the food he's probably still just stressed.
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I had the same problem with my new betta with him not wanting to eat in the beginning. 4 days in, he finally ate for me. He probably just needs some time to settle in. But if you can, please do get him something a little bigger. He'll thrive beautifully. Please take care on the water changes. I'm doing that too right now. Good luck.
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Thanks everyone. So they gave me SplendidBetta water conditioner so I've been using that for the water. Food wise they gave me Betta Bio-Gold and they are already a super tiny size... I think he just doesn't like it because he will take a piece and eat it then spit it back up several times and then swim off.. Okay I'll get a bit bigger of a tank and some stuff to go in it.
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