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Old 08-01-2013, 01:21 AM   #1 
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Putting Silica sand in the tank.

Hey everyone! After washing the silica sand I bought many times over a week, I think it's good enough to be put in the tank! I have one betta fish. Now, I'm afraid that I'll get my little guy out of the tank, do my usual weekly 100% but when I put the sand it will cloud up all the water and I can't put my fish in that dust water can't I?

So, my question is, after rinsing the sand well, will it still get the water cloudy? And also do you have any tips on handling this sand? Because so far it has been really rough to wash it and move it - it stick to EVERYTHING!! I think I lost about a third in the way haha :D .

Any help will be appreciated and the sooner the better because now is the usual time I do the water change. Thanks.
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Old 08-03-2013, 05:15 PM   #2 
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What type of sand did you buy? I've never had issues with Quikrete's fine grain sand, but it's pre-washed. Their play sand, on the other hand, was much messier. I say test some in a bucket and see how long it takes to settle. It's not unusual for sand to take 3 days to settle if it's quite dusty.
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Reference Team
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It certainly is inconvenient to wash your substrate every time you do a 100% water change. Perhaps you should consider cycling your tank. Less stress for the fish and cleaner water. And easier to maintain, too.
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silica is ground quartz, it's not as finely grained as sand, and the only issue I've ever had during water changes are when I dump the water in and bubbles will grab the grains and make them float on the surface - until something breaks the surface tension, then they just sink back to the bottom.

I generally prefer silica over play sand or similarly fine sand, no silt to mess up my filters!
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