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Planning ahead for a 20g...

While as of right now my CT male Phish (pictured in my avatar) is in a filtered, heated 2.5g tank, I have plans to upgrade to a 20g tank once my fiance and I move in October. I have the tank already, courtesy of a regular customer at work who had upgraded his own tank and wanted to give the old tank (along with the filter, heater, hood, and the fluorescent bulb still inside) to someone who knew how to care for fish as opposed to donating it to Goodwill.

Anyway, I had been wondering what sort of bottom feeders would be compatible (assuming compatible personalities of course). I had been looking at cory cats, since they seem to stay fairly small and so I could fit a few of them. I like loaches too (particularly dojos), but would those get too big? I have also considered ghost shrimp.

I'm also open to other suggestions for tankmates, including any community fish if there are any that won't provoke a betta (I seem to get different answers depending on who I ask at pet stores). If it helps, I also intend to plant the tank.
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Oto Catfish are algae eaters. They don't get quite as big as Corys but I think they are way more adorable.
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Red cherry shrimp would be a good idea as well. (:
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Shrimp are hit or miss since they are on the betta's food chain. Make sure to provide plenty of hifing spaced for your shrimp. Cory cats should be fine, dwarf cories or pygmys. Otos can be finicky to feed.
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I have an albino bristlenose pleco in my 36 sorority, but before that he was doing excellent in my 20 gallon with one of my boys and he does a great job cleaning up the algae. The bristlenose's don't get too big either so you can keep them in a 20 easy.
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Until you get the larger tank, I would just try out ghost shrimp. They may get eaten, but ghost shrimp are cheap enough that it's not really upsetting if they do get eaten.

When I had a Gourami in my tank, he would eat my ghost shrimp.. I would get like 15 every two weeks cause most or all would be gone by then. But while they were alive they were a good clean up crew, and it provided my Gourami with some fun hunting. :)
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I love my Dainty Cory cats in my 33! I've got 6 and they're so cute. They do eat some forms of algae but if you're looking for an algae eater then the Otos might do better. However they require a very establish tank as they are all wild caught and tend to be extremely sensitive to water chemistry and it's changes.

Same goes for shrimp, Ghost shrimp are scavenger's not algae eaters but Amano would do well because they are bigger so less easy to eat and pick on. And Red Cherries are a mixed review because it depends on your guy. He may ignore them completely or find them a nice expensive treat. But if you've lots of plants and lots of tiny hides for them, they should survive! If you do get RCS then your Betta will be happy to keep their population down as well as they do breed very easily and very quickly.
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