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Exclamation My seemingly healthy betta has something strange going on...

A little background info- I have 2 beautiful bettas named Serena & Blair (I love Gossip Girl, hah!). They used to live in the same tank but Blair started becoming aggressive towards Serena and ended up biting 2/3 of Serena's fins off. I could tell Serena was having a hard time swimming so I moved her to her own tank/bowl and since then she has been doing great. For a few days she didn't have an appetite, but now.. that girl can eat! She knows when I'm feeding her and sits at the top and waits. She is also very playful, she will follow my finger as well as me when I walk across the room. Blair is doing fine too- she seemed a little sad once Serena left (because she had no one to pick on!) but she eats alot and is playful as well.
Serena's fins are started to grow back marvelously. I'm amazed at how fast they are coming in- they are coming in clear though (she's a pretty reddish/pink color). BUT the one thing I've noticed twice is this weird "ball" that is attached to her underside by a THIN string of something- the string is barely visible it's so thin. This thing is really hard to explain- the middle of it is see through and looks like it has a squiggly line in it or something. The first time this happened it fell off, & I changed the water yesterday and it showed up today. I used that stuff to make tap water safe for bettas so I'm not quite sure what it is. It's very strange looking, I took a picture and it's not too good of quality but maybe you can see what I'm talking about.. Does anyone know what this weird thing is?!
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Here's another picture...I could not figure out how to take a decent picture of her. She is SO much prettier in person than these pictures.. She looks so puny in these, but she's not. Her fins really are growing out nicely compared to what they were.. And she's swimming like a pro now instead of having alot of difficulty.
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ps. is there any reason the new fins are growing in clear instead of her pretty color??
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aunt kymmie
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That is so bizarre, for that strange *thing* to appear, then fall off, only to reappear the very next day. I'm very curious to know what it is...
I don't know the answers to your questions but someone here will!
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for the clear fin color, fin regrowth is normally clear and will gain color once it is fully healed.

As for the string with the ball.. it is most likely feces that hasn't fully exited yet. That's where his anus is. Between the front fins and the bottom fins. It isn't near the back where you would expect it to be.
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