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New Tank Question

I am getting my new 20 long tank next week.

Currently, Si, Willie and tankmates are in 5 gallons. When I change over, do I use as much of the old aquarium water as possible?

I'm going to use Tahitian Moon black sand instead of the current gravel. How much would I need?

I'm also thinking once I get most of the water and the plants out it will be much easier to catch the RCS. But what worries me is disturbing the substrate.

Any thoughts?


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For 20 gallons of water you generally want 2 pounds of gravel/sand per gallon so you'd want 2 20 pound bags of it. And don't worry about disturbing sand, it will settle right back down after a bit. In fact about every 8 weeks you're supposed to give it a churn anyway so that aerobic gasses don't build up. I just churn a little section of mine every week after I've done a water change so I never forget to do it

And as far as water goes, absolutely no Beneficial Bacteria live in your water column so there's no point in bringing it all over. You just need to acclimate your boy's to the new water when they get in is all. What you do want to bring over is, your plants obviously, filter and heater. Even if the heater isn't on it still carries BB on it. And with the filter keep that running in the new tank for about 2 weeks while the new filter gathers up all the BB it can.

Of course that was me assuming you've got both filter and heater haha, if you don't, don't worry about it. You'll just start the cycle with your plants and the fish.
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When starting a brand new tank for a fish we already have i usually use as much water as I can up to half the tank full for the fish so that the PH and water parameters are as close to the same as I can get it from the first tank. Our PH is weird here so a brand new tank with brand new water would have substantially higher PH than the water that has been sitting with the driftwood/peatmoss. If it's not possible to do it that way, I drop acclimate the fish to the new tank so they get used to the new water slowly before I put them in.

YAY on a new big tank!!
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Thanks! The only reason I was thinking about using the old water was less of the chance of parameter changes for the inverts.

Since the 20 will go where the two five are (and most of the inverts are in one tank), what do you think about this:

Major water reduction in invert/Betta tank until it's light enough I can pick it up (replacing water, of course). Keep it on the counter until 20 is cycled then transfer inverts to 20?

I use Seachem Stability, two old filters and plants in 20. Will gently pull rooted plants from invert tank to avoid disturbing substrate too much. This leave lots of moss and floating plants in tank.

I'm so excited because David (of Acrylic Creations) didn't think he'd have it ready for another month. PLUS! He's throwing in three dividers for FREE!!!
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