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Question Just getting Started & Need Some Help

Hi everyone Im new to this forum and betta fish all together. I found this place from I just didn't know what was all involved with them until I kept reading about them. Funny thing is these bettas are 99% just like me which is why I also liked them. I just lost my cat and needed something to get me through these next 2 years. Anyway. Before I knew about places like this I went out and got a 1 gallon tank for my new Betta not knowing that I need at least 2 gallons. So my first question is. Would my 1 gallon be ok until Christmas when I'll be able to give him a bigger Christmas present/home? my second question is, I have very hard tap water and I heard that bottled water could be worse. so my question is what are some good water that would be perfect for my lil Rascal (name of my Betta)? I was also thinking to myself last night about something small but it might effect my lil Rascal. I have a desk fan that I run at night on low I also wanted to put my betta on the other side of the fan the only thing is, is that my fan gives off vibrations small but still noticeable. so I was wondering if that would effect Rascal in any major way? my last question for right now is about the heater. do they even make a heater for a 1 gallon tank? and if they do what are some good ones? pretty soon I wont have to worry about that because I live in the warm state of Florida during the day at this time of year we average the minimal 79 degrees but at night it can get down into the mid 60s. Just like Rascal I too hate the cold so I definitely know how he feels. I was hoping that someone on here could help me out with all these questions. I just want to give my Rascal a Great home8)!
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Well 2.5 gallons dont cost much at all. Like 10 bucks. Same with 5.5 and 10. So go bigger definetly. Well christmas just passed,unless ya celebrate it later lol. So that be along time in a small tank. If you can get him bigger sooner that be great. Plus with a 1 gallon you gonna have to be changing the water alot. Yes they need a heater,they like at least 80 degrees in their water. Heater probably will be too big to even fit in a 1 gallon though. They make small ones that dont have a dial to control temp,but im wary of those. Also with such a small tank it would heat up very fast and will cook him.So no heater for 1 gallon id say. As for the water,im not sure. My water is kinda on the soft side. Someone else can answer that one lol! I think though you can age it and the ph should go down a bit. Do you have a test kit yet? Thats something you should definetly have. Liquid test kits are better than the strips,more accurate. Um what else,oh yeah bettas like still waters. Literally no movement of their water. A lil bit is okay,but like with a filter it can be way too strong so you have to buffer it. So a lil movement is okay but not awhole lot. BTW i like the name. Thats my bunny girls name hehe. Good luck with your new fishy!
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1.5 minimum, atleast 2 id say, also you need a filter, and a heater.
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Wait untill Christmas? That can't work, unless you have a heater, filter, and do water changes every other day of 50-75%.
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Originally Posted by Cody View Post
Wait untill Christmas? That can't work, unless you have a heater, filter, and do water changes every other day of 50-75%.
I agree. Sorry,but you can turn the one gallon into a lovely shrimp home when your betta leaves it if it has a filter!
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other than a decent 2.5 gallon tank you can get all the other suitable equipment for cheap. you can get a small whisper 1-3 gallon filter for 11 dollars. You can buy a whisper mini heater (i believe its a 10 watt) designed for 1-3 gallon tanks for 12 dollars. The only problem with the heater is it has no thermostat. It simply runs. It is supposed to raise temperature of water about 5 degrees. So if there is ever a warm day where the temp in your home exceeds mid 70s, there is a chance that the heater will bring the water temp up to the mid to high 80s... The filter is on, but almost too weak. You can step all of this up a notch to a 5 gallon tank with slightly better equipment with a price increase of probably no more than 15 dollars total.

In short. You have a nice 2.5 g or 5g betta set up for less than 40 bucks.

And your betta will appreciate it.
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