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Old 06-19-2013, 01:57 PM   #1 
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Could a non betta have gotten my betta pregnant.

So i've had this female betta in my 20 long planted tank for quite some time. She is the only betta (male or female) in the tank. Other fish are a few neon tetras, rummynose tetra, white clouds and an endler. Today I noticed my bettas stomach became HUGE. I know its crazy but is it even remotely possible she is pregnant? Thx
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Betta are egg layers and can not get pregnant. She is most likely eggbound from being over fed. Take her out and put her in a small heated tank. Don't feed her for 7 food, none...I don't care how much she begs. After the 7 days, feed her 2 pellets once a day...2 pellets more. Continue feeding 2 pellets until she absorbs the eggs. If she doesn't, she will die.
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They can easily overeat when with other fish, so you have to be careful when they are mixed in with other fish. Can cup her and feed her separate while the other fish eat so she doesn't eat too much.. as for the pregnant thing.. as Coppermoon stated, most fish are egg layers and therefor can't get pregnant.. so no, not pregnant :)
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Shes just fat
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