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Not much information

It's been awhile since I have appeared on here. This is my roomates betta so unfortunately other then a gallon tank and it's warm enough here not to have a heater on right now (73 in tank), I can't tell you much. I just cleaned Jabi, Karou, and her betta (iris) tanks. I noticed Iris whole body not just her adomine was swollen. Her scales stuck up a bit but nothing that screamed pine-coning. I asked my roomate how often she'd been feeding her betta. Every day, and when ever she'd spit rocks out of her tank.

It has been a whole week and a change tank I went to change it again and I noticed her scales are down but in-between the scales are dark, but her abdomine looks swollan to the point it's whitish. Kinda like Jabi's when she got eggy (and except Jabi's mostly white to begin with). The water keeps getting cloudy every-time I change it. Jabi and Kaoru have had no issue with tank water and their all in pretty much approx gallon each.

Is this dropsy? Over feeding? Or maybe the insane girl finally choked on a pebble?

I'm so sorry I don't have a thing to go by. I wish I had a water testing kit. I don't know where the other one ran off to.
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Unfortunately 73F is too cool for a Betta, they need water temps of at least 76F (on the low side) preferably 78-80F. The low temp coupled with inadequate care has probably taken a toll on the Bettas health. A 1 gallon tank should have multiple water changes per week to keep the water safe & the Betta healthy long term. If she's swollen or bloated, I would fast her for a couple of days to see if that helps. Your roommate could also try pure epsom salt, (pre-dissolved before adding to tank) to help with bloating. I would get her on a regular feeding schedule with a set amount of food, it is possible she's being overfed when she is fed.
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Can you post a photo? In the meantime, as shellieca mentioned, you could add Epsom salt.

On the next 100% water change, add 0.5 teaspoons Epsom salt to the water. Stir until it's completely dissolved. Then, follow your usual acclimation process.
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