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Unhappy My betta won't eat!!! Help!!!

i have a betta fish named carlton, who is about a month old. he's a frisky little guy, and eats hardy meals. they say you should only feed them what they can eat in 10 seconds. well he can pretty much eat anything in 10 seconds.

anyways, for the last week since i have changed his water he refuses to eat anything, and i dont know why. he looks perfectly healthy.

any advice would be appreciated!!!
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He may have been overeating. Bettas are supposed to be fed every other day.

Do you vary his food? Offering some dried bloodworms, tubifex worms or shrimp might perk up his appetite.

Mine eats daily, except Sunday, because he's in a community tank. He can't eat too much though because he's a slow mover and the rest of the fish are not.

Can you take a pic? Is his water clean? Is it warm enough? If their water is too cold they get very sluggish. They are a tropical fish and need to be kept in water around 75 degrees.
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Actually, bettas should be fed every day, twice a day. They need a staple food like pellets or tropical flakes. Frozen or rehydrated freeze dried bloodworms or brine shrimp should only be fed as a once or twice a week treat.
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not eating

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