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I had a nightmare with "ICH"....

Its a little long but thought I would get everything out that happened and then a question at the end.

3 weeks ago my newly established uncycled tank was more challenging to me than expected. However I was testing the water and doing the water changes as recommended. The tank today is 3.3 weeks old. But also 2 weeks ago I started noticing my white skirt tetras had some white stuff on them. If it wasn't for this forum I would of brushed it off as bubbles because during water changes bubbles would stay on the side of the tank glass and so I would of thought the fishies had them too. Crazy I know. Anyhow, I quickly started doing the Aquarium salt method. In the beginning it was going very well and 3rd day in the white skirt tetras were almost completely clear, except for 2 spots on each fish (only 3 in the tank). I'm a believer of trying natural methods before using chemicals. During this time I assumed my EE was dead because I didn't see him the whole 3 days. He didn't even come up to eat. On the 4th day I decided to move the decorations so I can find his body and remove him. As I moved the little house he came flying out like a bat out of hell. He was surely alive but he was slamming himself against everything, rubbing himself on the gravel. Poor little guy was itchy. My 10 year old daughter was upset because I wouldn't scratch his back and help Not like he would let me and I didn't want to cause him more stress chasing him with a net. Nor did I want to stick the net in that infested water because the net was still new. Good thing I didn't see not one white spot on him and I noticed he was getting his oxygen from the inner part of the house on the ceiling part. Smart little guy I guess. As I placed his house back I was relieved that he was still alive I decided to feed him and when i grabbed the food he entered back into his house. He didn't eat that day either. As I was going to go through the whole process with the AQ salt I thought everything was going smoothly for my first time dealing with this disgusting bug. The following day i realized all my neon tetras were covered in ich. I wanted to die. Poor little things. Obviously 2 had died because I couldn't see them and I fed them to see if they would come out of hiding and they did not. I realized the salt was not working out and I ran to the nearest PetCo, talked to the manager and told him my dilemma and he told me to buy the Tetra Lifeguard All-In-One Treatment with Halo Shield (12 tablets). I followed the directions, remove carbon filter, add one tablet a day per gallon for 5 consecutive days (24-hour intervals), after 5th day wait another 24 hours before adding the carbon back in the filter, and on the 6th day do a 25% water change. Easy enough. I changed 90% of the water first to remove as much salt and whatever else is floating in the water. So I did it all and ran the whole course. Would like to report that I had no more fatalities. Me beautiful EE, which is by the way the "Star" of our tank, is back to his old self again and eating.

Like I've mentioned before, I hate use chemicals/medications, but, this time I had to. I'm glad that with the fish that I had left, non were spared during the medication treatment. I'm just hoping that in the long run it doesn't affect them.

One question, since I removed the carbon my ammonia levels were rising (remember tank was never fully cycled yet) and because of the meds used for the ich I didn't want to do any water changes in fear I would mess up the treatment process. However I did use AmmoLock during day 4 of the treatment. Should I just cycle my tank all over again? It sounds like a smart thing to do but I want to hear from someone that knows more than me.

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Also, the reason why I'm asking is because of the listed ingredients. I'm assuming all of my bacteria that was trying to establish are all dead now.

Active Ingredients:

1-chloro-2,2,5,5- tetramethyl-4-imidazolidinone.
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I think it would be safe to assume your cycle was toasted. If you are watching your water parameters anyway, just carry on!
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