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I'm glafpd I didn't put em in my tank..... y would someone on that plant thread I made not have told me that :( I did set up my 10g put all decor in and put those plants in there with no fish...but looks like I'm going to just throw them away thank u so much
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Sorry! Did I not see the plant thread maybe??

If you didn't plan on putting a fish in the 10 gallon right away it can have it QT period in there, you just keep tap water in there without conditioner then and it should be alright. But yes, if you're going to put fish in, I'd do a full water change or close to it just in case there were little buggies in there.

Sorry for the whole mix up resa, I know it's difficult learning what to do and what not to do. I hope everything will go well and easy for you with the cycling at least!

So yes, You can use plants from the wild but they need at least one month in QT with just tap water to kill of buggies and other parasites, and it's a good way to see if they grow well in the QT as well so they'll grow in your tank. I have a large vase that I have filled with tap water actually QT plants from my pond that will eventually go into my tanks if it continues to do well! So far so good and it's been about a month but I want to let it go longer to see how it grows and if it's more a cold water plant or warmer water plant

Of course taking plants in the wild generally means they are colder water plants so if you do want to keep them in, I suggest acclimating them (getting them used to) warmer water slowly. So if you have an adjustable heater when it comes time, you just up a degree on the heater every day or so until you get to 80 degree's, hold it there a week and see if it starts to melt or anything.

Plants will often melt when introduced to higher temps and/or new water chemistry (say going from a store to your house, very different water even if it's in the same area) so they acclimate to the water and they usually either lose their leaves or the leaves melt but they will come back in time, it's not dead yet ^_^
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