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Rather than a hammock, spend the money on an Anubias (or other floating plant) to float in your tank. Provides hammocks, shade and hides. Money spent on plants is never wasted. Get more. Get a cave/hide (coffee cup etc).

You might get some Omega One or New Life Systems pellets (Betta size), a better quality food than Aqueon food. Good suggestion from Anubias: get frozen bloodworms or mosquito larvae for treats. They like variety. Aqueon conditioner will do for now.

The API freshwater master test kit is available from Amazon for ~$20--to measure your ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH. Get some Prime and a thermometer and you'll get free shipping.

Your filter is a Tetra 3i. It's technically a sponge filter because it uses an air-pump to pump bubbles which circulate the water through the filter. Unfortunately, it's a really bad design; the water does not flow through the filter media/pad/cartridge, only over the top part. I wouldn't use it unless your fish actually enjoys it. For Betta purposes, a filter is more for cycling than anything else.

Eventually you'll want to cycle a larger tank or two for your fish to live permanently. In the mean time 2x weekly water changes will have to do. Ask about cycling when you have (a) larger tank(s).

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Hi and welcome aboard!

I just wanted to mention, if you want something for your betta to rest and play in, there's a mesh tube you can make with craft mesh and fishing line. Sort of an inexpensive betta log. ;)
There's one here in Cirrus's critter keeper.
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Thanks a ton guys :) I really appreciate all the awesome advice. There is so much more to Betta care than what a lot of pet places lead you to believe. Im actually really looking forward to getting 2 bigger tanks (Im thinking 2 10 gallon tanks) so that I can put plants and maybe a few other fish and/or snails in with the Betta.

I get paid again after the 1st so Im thinking I might go up to Tucson and look around at a couple of bigger tanks and see what I can do to make these guys happy. I know that the local Petsmart has some neat plants and other things that might go good in a Betta tank so I might actually go check their stuff out. I havent seen any tanks I really like there (well at least not that I can afford and that wont cause the husband to blow a head gasket LOL) so I will be checking out craigslist and a few other pet shops to see what else is available. If anyone has any recommendations for tank brands to avoid it would be much appreciated. I really want to get good tanks and at some point possibly move into keeping other fish but for now these guys are keeping me pretty entertained.

Again, I appreciate everyones advice and thank you so much for not being snarky about all the noobish questions. I am so glad I stumbled upon this community :)
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I hear you with the prices of tanks! They can be so expensive!

I don't know what the brand of tanks I have is but I scoured local internet classifieds all the time because you can get lucky with a cheap 2nd hand tank and still have money left over to buy other stuff =]
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xxRho, I was thinking much the same thing. I have one 10 gallon tank right now but it was converted many moons ago to hold a Tokay Gecko. I dont think it would be cost effective to get the hood and all the other things for it, but I dont know. Im thinking maybe a couple of used already setup for fish tanks and then I might be able to afford more plants, snails, a few fish to stay with the Betta (although Im skeptical on this kid sister tried that with bad results even though the fish she got were listed as being ok with Bettas). Worst case I find a couple of 10 gallon tanks and the Bettas get a bigger habitat with lots of neat stuff to play with lol.
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