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Mopani driftwood, how long till it stops discoloring and sliming?

Got a nicely shaped piece in my tank.

I soaked mine for days in hot water (changed daily). Once in the SpecV, I still got the water darkening, and then the slimy areas on the wood. Eventually I could not take it (3 weeks-ish), so I removed the wood and tried boiling it for an hour, then when cooled, replaced it. Less than a week later, I have even MORE darkening of the water, and a really huge bloom of the slime on and even a halo around this piece of wood.

The fish likes the piece, as I arranged it so that it created two different hiding spots for him, but how long will this discoloration and slime go on? Anything else I can do to speed things up???
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Nicci Lu
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For the tannins, small frequent water changes will help. You can also use a filter media that will remove it, like carbon or Purigen. My Purigen removed it within a day and made the water crystal clear- but I like the tannin color!

For the slime, try and vacuum it off when you do a water change. Small, frequent WCs. In my second tank, I was lucky enough to discover that my kuhli loaches eat it, so they took care of it for me. I believe nerite snails will eat it, as well.

With either, time and patience is your best friend. It will go away on it's own and I've never heard of a prep that will eliminate it completely. The slime isn't harmful, just looks nasty.
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I finally got rid of my drift wood. In fact it made my water look super dark brown in the water change bucket! I got it for lowering my high pH, but in the long run I feel it's better just to work with the water you have than to try and change it.

I now use an wood/root like ornament in the tank and my water is extremely clear. The fish love this thing just as much or more and it'l stay in the tank for the life of it. My driftwood eventually started to rot, which ultimately led to me giving up on that idea all together.
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Thanks for reassurance. The SpecV already has carbon in the filter compartment, and I had just changed it a week ago. Possibly I should find a piece of finer foam sponge to add in to clean up some of the intermediate sized "stuff" as it goes through the filter. Maybe a bit less than a true water polishing pad???

It is almost time that I could include another animal in the tank, so I will consider which will work the best in this 5 gallon tank for "bus boy" purposes. All suggestions welcome!
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