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Old 06-20-2013, 08:50 AM   #1 
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Is this filter good?

Soon I would like to start a serority. I found a 25 gallon tank with hood and stand for $40. I just cleaned it with hot water and vinegar. All of my decorations and silk plants arrived. I'm thinking of cycling my tank using the shrimp method. That way it will be less stress on my girls.

I'm stuck on what kind of filter to buy. I can easily buy a regular filter for the tank. However, I found a Power Filter with UV sterilizer. Does anyone think this is a good choice? Does anyone have any experience with it to shed some light on whether it actually filters just as good as a regular power filter? Is it worth the money?
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iv never used the UV ones, not sure how they work and would never spend the money to figure it out. i like sponge filters for my bettas but in my 30 gal community i have a standard power filter that has adjustable flow. I turn the flow as low as it goes and that combined with my live plants, snails, and shrimp, my tank has no cleaning issues!
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Reference Team
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Aquaclear HOBs are my favorite. UV is really expensive and I'm not sure it would be worth it.

I also wouldn't suggest the shrimp method. The best way is to use pure ammonia. If you can't find it, then you can use fish food.
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pure ammonia can be found at Ace in the janitorial section.
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Thanks everyone.

I guess I will get a regular sponge filter for the 25 gallon. I always had good results with sponges many years ago when i had tanks. I'm pratically starting anew.

Another question.

I have a 10 gallon that I'm trying to cycle, it's been 3 weeks now. I totally forgot about the cycling process and had fish in by the time night fell. So I am practically forced to do fish in cycle. Here's the deal. I had an Ich outbreak 2 weeks ago, early this week bacterial bloom. So far everything cleared up. Would it be safe to use my media (after cycling of course) in my new tank or should I just do it new with the ammonia?

I'm going to get Betta Imbellis females and i don't need them to get sick.

Thanks a lot, you guys are a big help.

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Also, could I use the sponge from the new filter and put it in with my old filter media and wait till BB gets on it? Where can I find a sponge filter? Everything seems to be carbon based including the filter I have now. What do I need to look for on the packaging to make sure I find the right filter? Can I put a sponge media in my new filter or do I have to buy a new sponge filter? Sorry about all the questions. I just want to do it right.

My filter has a flimsy little sponge. Almost as thin as my window screens.

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Regarding your 10g with the bacteria bloom. What are the ammonia and nitrite readings? Three weeks into a fish-in cycle is a critical time for the cycle and for the fish.

Many of us use sponge filters. They use an airpump to make bubbles to pull the water through the sponge (media). Tetra makes a good reliable cheap pump. These are top-of-the-line filters: Aquarium Sponge Filter; ATI Bio Filters and Replacement Hydro Sponges.

Cheaper ones are available on Amazon.

Matt's right, cycling with shrimp is a smelly mess and can breed mold. Fishfood is marginally better. Pure ammonia (that does NOT foam when shaken) is best. Ammonia is to feed the bacteria.

Placing an uncycled filter in a cycled tank for a couple of weeks will "seed" that filter with bacteria. Putting a cycled filter into a new tank effectively cycles that tank.

Will you be running two tanks (the 10g and the 25g)? Wait until the 10g is fully established (cycled) and seed your 25g filter by installing it in that tank. Whenever you remove or replace a filter, monitor your parameters closely to guard against mini-cycles (ammonia spikes).

You're a gardener. Great! For water safety (and a calm sorority), use as many live plants as you can manage, especially floaters.

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