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Oh man, that is so sad. I teared up when you said he passed on. He was lucky to have someone like you care for him and love him. I'm so sorry for your loss. I love all animals and i get teary eyed when they die.
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Thank you, Saphira, for your advice about the jumping/heater. Does you know if any store near me would have a decent, yet cheaper, heater? I don't need one straight away, seeing as though my tank is in the 80's without a heater (if it gets any hotter, I'd have to put an ice bag in there or something).

And thank you for your sympathies Vicky :)

And, I say with mixed feelings since no fish could ever replace Cyclone, I got another betta today, rather by chance.

Found him while shopping at petco and was so interested by his coloring that I got him. I'm happy to say he is very interested in the shiny green stones at the bottom of his tank, so he seems to have some sort of personality.
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Cute fishy! Does he have a name?
Keep an eye on him, he has stress stripes and his fins are clamped (Probably from the store).

Is your tank a stable 80F? If so, you probably won't need a heater as long as it stays from the 78-82 range year-round and doesn't fluctuate constantly.

I also wouldn't recommend ice bags, because they'll cool the water way down, then when they melt the temp would go way back up. Fluctuations like these can highly stress fish.

Good luck with your new fishy!
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