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Old 06-21-2013, 10:32 PM   #1 
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New 10 gallon!

As a graduation gift to myself, I bought a new 10 gallon! My dad kindly supplied me with the new heater too. Now I currently have two 10 gallons! My boy Patriot is in a planted 10, and my girl Tina is in a normal 10. She has all of my fake plants and decorations, and I just got some driftwood to put in Patriot's tank when I clean it tomorrow or Sunday.

I'm very happy now that they each have 10 gallons. I was happy enough when they had 5 each, but now that they have their own tanks, life will be so much easier! My planted tank has gotten to where I clean it every other week, so I can arrange it so I do one tank one week and the other the next.

My first tank, Patriot's 10 gallon, is heated and filtered, and has lots of plants. They seem to be happy, because they're sprouting all over the place! I'm using terracotta pots as decorations for now, but I'm going to add in my driftwood when I do a water change and rearrange some things.

My second tank, Tina's 10 gallon, is heated and filtered too. It only has fake plants, a terracotta pot, a little hut, and a ship. She seems to love it so far, even though she flared at the hut and circled it like it was about to become food. Little monster.

I do have one other betta, a baby, but he is being rehomed. He was an impulse buy and I totally shouldn't have bought him. Thankfully, my friend is taking him off my hands.

Anyway, here are pictures of the two tanks!

This one is Patriot's, as it is right now. I have to clean it and rearrange it, then add in the driftwood. I'll be posting an updated picture in a day or two.

And this one is Tina's. It's a little bright, but there are still bubbles all over the place. The water will be more clear hopefully by tomorrow. :) I can photobomb her then, and hopefully she won't be quite so angry at me for moving her and making her live with the terrifying hut.
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Old 07-09-2013, 05:07 PM   #2 
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wow they're in paradise!
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Very nice! Congratulations on your graduation!
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I like the clay pot idea! I love em! Might do a cracked one in mine. :) I have some small ones that I think would be cute in a fry tank. Thanks for the idea!!! Looking great!
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