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End of rope, can fungus or bacteria survive all this?

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Hi Betta has developed a light white area between the eyes - do they get white with age?
Hi, here are the stats: Betta is a blue male and has developed a white area between his eyes, oval from tip nose to about3-4 eye lengths behind the eyes, one shape that started looking like a beehive pattern when it was at its whitest. I did not treat it initially for about a few weeks. but then I tried lots to treatments which I will list after what you asked for. Had him over a year before this happened. Lived in just under a gallon jar with Jave Moss plant keeping water cleaned. 100 % water change about once a month, never did partial changes.
Cleaned glass with aquarium salt when changing water and used water conditioner to clear out chlorine and add slime to water also added recommended aquarium salt when filling back with water. Had no heater. Had him in sun area in day. He has had ick in the past so I know this is not that and I treated with Jungle and it cleared it. I never tested the water for chemical contents, but this never happened before and my water changing habits have not changed so I doubt it is chemical. He eats 5 pellets hikari in morning and 5 at night (as he grew i had to increase to this since he got so ferosious going after the food when I gave him less). Never had any over feeding problems. Never had other fish with him when this developed. When the white area became noticable was about 2 months ago, I tried treating him with Jungle anti fungal, but I double dosed him and his eating habits became poor, so I stopped the treatment even though the white area was still there. He got his appetite back a little and i decided to get him a companion, a single zebra danio. That did the trick, he got his whole appetite back now that he had competition. After a while the white spot is still there and I am worried is getting whiter, so I buy Eclipse system 3 gallon tank and a 25 watt marinland heater and thermometer, I set it to self regulate to 79 degrees. I see before doing this the water was around 71 degrees. I try the jungle again at right dose for 4 days, white area still there. I change out 2/3 add 1gallon size tablet jungle ant fungus for another couple days. then I get bettafix (all natural treatment) and try it a couple of days, still have white spot. I do a full tank water change to get it out. I leave him in clean water a few days and get Betta Revive from hikai with that blue chemical in it. Have been trying that for a 3 days so far. White area still there just not as pronounced. His appetite is still good. He is not real active, but he never was either. The Zebra danio has been active like when I first got it, no changes in its health (have had it and the new tank 2-3 weeks?).
Could this just be old age and the fish scales have just turned white or is it likely fungus or bacteria? it is an off center oval so I thing not on the old age. Anyone ever had a problem stick around so long? Thanks E.
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Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm glad you got your betta out of the jar. In a container that small, he should have his water changed twice a week.The white stuff might be fungus. If you could post a picture then somebody here might be able to identify what the problem is. I wouldn't double dose with the medicine. Zebra danios are a schooling fish and need a group to be happy. As far as feeding goes, I would feed 2-3 pellets twice a day. You can also supplement his diet with frozen or freeze dried bloodworms, brine shrimp and daphnia. Freeze dried food should be rehydrated to prevent digestive problems. Do you have a heater and filter for your tank? Is it cycled? If not, someone else will have to advise you on how to do it. Hope this helps.
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thanks, java moss is my filter. without it, you are right that tank had to be changed at least twice a week. No odor, no amonia, the bueaty of this plant, it is symbiotic to bettas. I turn on the filter at morning and night. Pics dont work. I tried to do this for pet store staff help but could not get it shot to reflect what I see. danio gets along well with betta, havenot had any problems with her.
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