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Post a picture of the sick Betta so that we can see what he looks like and perhaps identify what's wrong that way.
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I'm sorry to hear that... my fish was like this too and he had the bloat for a good 3-4 weeks no matter what I added melafix and changed his water more frequently but it didn't help.... he ended up passing away... I hope the daphnia thing works! g'luck!
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Originally Posted by dramaqueen View Post
Are your betta's scales opening up like a pinecne? If so, he may have dropsy.

Yes they are. I googled dropsy and my betta looks exactly like a picture of a betta with dropsy on that site. I am upset that the people at the pet store didn't offer me any real help with this. I have gotten more advice on here. Thanks to all who responded to my post. In the future I will know what signs to look for before it becomes too late if our new crowntail ever develops this symptom of an illness.

I know a lot of people will say, "Oh well it is just a fish..." My daughter is only 9yrs old and she has had for the most part sole responsibility of this betta, and has kept it alive for 3yrs. She won it at the very same pet store I went to for help at a Halloween event held there. She has done an excellent job of caring for the betta. In fact I've had bettas and haven't managed to keep them alive as long as she has with hers.

I will lower the water in the tank and add some salt to help make him more comfortable, but from reading the info on the dropsy site it is probably too late to try to treat with any medication, bercause at this late stage it would probably do more harm to the organs.

I'll keep you posted.
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I could be wrong about this, but I am thinking you should not use salt for dropsy. I think I read that it can make it harder for the fish to release fluids?

Anyone know?

It may be too late for meds to work. If you want to try, I had a tiger barb with a bad case of dropsy, I treated it with Maracyn-Two, it worked for my situation.
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You could try the Maracyn but it may be too late like Twistersom said. I think the best you can do is keep his water clean and keep him warm. It sounds like your daughter has done a great job with him to have him for 3 years. :)And it isn't "only a fish". People who aren't animal lovers say this all the time. Bettas have such wonderful personalities; they are our pets and we love them.
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