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Cool update. Got picture?
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How old before you can tell sex?

Got any idea
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Tragedy in the fish room!

I live in a very rural location, so sometimes, have some unique issues because of that. Last week brought some much needed rain. But, on occasion, groundwater will get into the pipes and contaminate the water. I got the boil notice a day late AFTER major water changes had been done.
I had a total of 4 deaths. All males in my conditioning barracks, who had the most major water change. Happily, my pet boys; my desk buddy, and Jack and Minecraft, my daughter's special guys, were not scheduled for a water change, they are all fine.
Those who survived the first, drastic blow everyone who had had even a tiny bit of that water in their tanks, right down to my fry tank, got velvet.
I lost about a quarter of the fry, many of them DT, but the rest are all nearly recovered.

The Crowntail Duo are doing very well. Not growing quite as fast as I'd like, but now both are showing color. The smaller one is getting a lovely blue/green iridescence all over.

Except for the bout of velvet, the butterfly spawn are right on schedule. The majority of the fry are right where they should be, as far as growth, with one very large fry, a couple more that come close to him, and about 5 or 6 teeny ones, who I may cull, as most of the very teeny ones have tails that curve upwards. There is only one normal size fry who worries me, a DT with a crooked back. But he is a very fast swimmer (unlike the runty guys) and as long as his belly is full and he's getting around fine, we'll let him be and see what happens.
Except for those few, I think I may have some very nice DTs! They are tiny and still have a lot of growing to do, but I have about 3 with what look, so far, to be perfectly even lobes, and a few more who are not far off from that. They don't, exactly, have any color to them, but some are dark, and some are whitish, and a few, when viewed from above, seem to have a reddish tint.
It will definitely be interesting to watch them grow.

And a HUGE thank you to Ilikebutterflies.
Remember above, where I mentioned I'm deep in the boonies and have some unique issues?
~ We learned to not trust anyone but me to keep the door to the fishroom shut.

See, it is not in the house, it's in the shop/garage. And if you leave the fishroom door open, chickens who can go in and out of the rest of the building - can then get in and eat my microworm cultures. Ilikebutterflies was kind enough to send me some brine shrimp eggs and hatching instructions to get me started, and so my fry are still alive.

~ In spite of my total inability to keep Sea Monkeys alive, I can hatch enough brine shrimp to keep my fry fed

Well, hatching them was the easy part. Getting them out to feed was another matter. I had a nice, new nylon stocking. That thing was tight, could barely get water through it. So I thought it would be perfect to strain out BBS. I putt it over the top of the jar, siphoned the water through it, picked it up - and beheld a totally empty stocking. I turned it inside out and waved it in the water - after all, it was beige, and BBS are tiny. There were about a dozen.
So I picked up the jar, and was very happy I hadn't siphoned into the sink, because the jar was full of BBS asking each other what the heck just happened. After some trial and error, we learned
~ A folded handkerchief makes a good substitute for a brine shrimp net, but a stocking never will.
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Originally Posted by Riverotter View Post
~ A folded handkerchief makes a good substitute for a brine shrimp net, but a stocking never will.
I've always done mine over paper towel or coffee filters.
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