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Old 06-27-2013, 11:43 PM   #11 
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What are your favorite mouthbrooders?
Other than Macrostoma -- why don't you suggest them for the beginner? I'd probably never get them anyways considering how expensive they are going for lol

What do you mean by don't require a lot of space, like what's a good amount of space for them? I'd prefer to use smaller tanks if possible 10g and under, and I'd like to be able to keep them together as well.

Sorry for all the questions, just wanna learn! I may start to like wilds more than splendens soon!
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Reference Team
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I don't personally like mouthbrooders haha. My mum is the one who is a fan so I got them to keep her happy.

Macrostoma just need quite a low pH, very good water quality and a lot of room to do best. They can also be notoriously difficult to get the male to hold to term.

If you want a tank in that size range, a pair of channoides or albimarginata would be perfect. They are peaceful, low maintenance and once you get them spawning they can be as prolific as guppies.
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Location: North Central, OH
Haha, anything to make mom happy!

I'll look at the channoides and albimarginata. I think I've seen the Albimarginata's before and really liked their looks, but I can't remember anymore.

I'm not in any rush so I have plenty of time to research!
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