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Help me save Fang from ich!

Hey guys posting here for some advice on ich, I have read up as much as I can but there are a few questions I need answered.

First off, I only purchased the aquarium 9 days ago so still cycling (new to aquariums but hopefully getting it right).
Tank: 37 litres
Fish: 1 half-moon/dragon fighting fish (Fang!); 5 tetras; 2 guppies; 2 mini shrimp and 1 gold inca snail
Filter: yes (with volcanic pumice)
Heater: yes
Temp: 27C/82F

Water stats (tested yesterday)
PH: 7.4
Ammonia: 0.0 ppm
Nitrite: 5.0ppm (maybe more this is where the tester maxed)
Nitrate: ~40ppm

I know the nitrate and nitrite levels were high so have done a 30% water change. Only got the tester kit yesterday, will do another test later.

Anyways spots started appearing Friday (two days ago), then wasn't till saturday morning when Fang was covered in spots that I started doing my research. I have been slowly increasing the heat and will get it to 29.5C/85F tonight. Fang has appeared to be fine with everything until the last 4 or so hours. He's been excessively lethargic, just lying everywhere up against things and not moving much so I'm getting kind of worried. Had to set up a perch as the tetras were taking nips when he was lying on the bed.

I'll increase the heat to 85F and have read this should be enough if I keep it at that heat for 10 days. But I've also read to add AQ salt but can someone please tell me if this will be ok for the tetras?

unfortunately I dont have a second tank to quarantine him so any advice would be appreciated
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ok so now i read on a previous ich thread to even go higher with the temp to 88F... will all those fish handle that?
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Do all of them have ich? I don't know if the others can handle that high of a temperature. You may have to get medication and treat it that way instead of raising the temp.
Just for future reference, it's usually a good idea to have a quarantine tank to keep fish in before adding in new ones if you are keeping a community tank. Because as you found out, if one is sick and you don't know it and you introduce it to the community, the others will get sick very quickly.
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