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Red face Witty Title

In my plight to avoid math homework, I've decided to post here with my journey in aquatic life.

I first joined when I got the idea that I must have an aquarium and researched on how to start. My zealotry back then is a little embarrassing to look back on As it proved, experience was a better teacher for me, though that can be said for nearly every aspect in [my] life

I found out that keeping an aquarium was pleasantly stress relieving.. the way it felt running my hand through wet sand.. the trickling sound of the HOB filter.. the cute fish..

I attempted to make a community based around my betta Narai. First I tried adding some snails.. they died. I didn't exactly know why. I added ghost shrimp.. they died. The culprit then must've been the heavy metals in my well water! So I decided to not bother with inverts. I added ghost catfish; I figured that Narai wouldn't bother them because they were transparent. This was not the case. They were stressed out and scared of him, and he eventually killed every single one. At that point I gave up and let him be the lonely king of his castle.

The issues with my water ultimately halted my journey. Though Narai was ever active and happy, I noticed he developed lacerations on his head. While I'm not completely sure if my diagnosis is correct, I believe long-time exposure to the water quality led to Hole-In-The-Head disease. I took him out of the aquarium and treated him with some medication that escapes me at the moment, but did result in him regaining his health.

Until I made the mistake of putting him back in the tank. He died shortly after with no other signs of sickness.

I had a very big planted tank with no fish. It was very upsetting. I later tested our well water straight from the faucet and it was hard to make sense of the readings; we have 6.# ph but gh/kh through the roof. In retrospect, it made a lot of sense because we have repeatedly had broken water pipes. So, acidic water is eating the old pipes and the metals in the pipes are leeching into the water or something.

I kept my tank without any fauna in it for a while but my plants also died because depression and stress led to my negligence. One of my dogs died to cancer in Dec 2012. I had her since she was two months old and it hasn't stopped hurting. I've been in college for 4 years but I'm nowhere close to graduating. I have a lot of missteps to fix, among other things that are beyond my control. But my newest betta, Mithra, has brought some happiness into my life and I remember now how soothing it is to watch a fish swim.

Old pictures attached.
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Beautiful tank and betta! Sorry to hear about your water problems, and the loss of your dog. I hope your new fish lives a long, healthy and happy life.
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I'm sorry to hear about all the problems you've been having. You tank looks great though, and what a beautiful boy you have
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