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Old 01-21-2015, 07:23 AM   #1 
Reference Team
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lilnaugrim's Leopard Geckos

So I sorely need a place where I can dump all my Leopard gecko photos!!

It all started like this: my little brother and I visited a PetCo and he asked (he's 19) why I didn't have any cool looking Betta's like the ones we were looking at at the store. I said I'd be happy to take one home that he liked but I didn't have any more room for tanks at the moment, so he said that I could set up a tank in his room! So I started to plan with working out something he'd like as well. He wanted a big fish in the 20 gallon and maybe some schoolers. We'd also looked at the Gecko's and Chameleon's too and thought it was maybe an option.

Finally, I decided that I should get something we could both enjoy, he likes fish but not like I LIKE fish, he likes things he can interact with and hold. So I decided we should invest in one or two Leopard Gecko's since I'd heard they were easy as far as lizard's go and this was my first ever venture into reptiles of any sort! I was quite nervous and still sort of am, their life seems more significant than my fish merely because they are larger animals though I know it's not true, it's probably more due to the fact that Bobby (my little bro) loves the gecko's as much as I do and the fish, well I'm the only one who actually cares enough to have tanks.

So last Saturday we ventured to PetCo during their 50% off sale, two leopard's for the price of one? Hells to the Yes!! So I actually ended up picking out two of them that I liked since I couldn't get them off my mind and my little brother is a very nice guy, he ended up falling in love with them anyway so it worked out in the end.

Eventually we'll have to separate the two of them because there could be premature breeding leading to death or if they're both males they'll kill each other or if it's female/female then there is the possibility of same-sex bullying. It's a myth that they can live together peaceably. So I'll clean some of my room out and set up my 33 gallon hopefully with some nice foam DIY hides and get my gecko in there and leave his in the 20 gallon long in his room.

Mine is tentatively named Hawkeye (M*A*S*H, not Marvel), and he hasn't thought of a name for his yet, I think he might be a little upset that it's most likely a girl but not sure on that.

This is the first day they were home on Saturday. We ended up taking out the plant thing since it had metal parts sticking out everywhere and the Gecko's flesh is incredibly soft!

Hawk is the one in the back and Bobby's is the one in front, coloration is Bold Stripe Carrot as far as I can tell. I'm not sure about mine's coloration yet.

Bobby's found the plant and immediately went to check it out lol

Hawkeye was chilling, confused, but who wouldn't be?

He's a really good poser!

Possibly one of my favorite pictures of him just because it's so iconic of a lizard!


Then he found the cool hide


His eyes are very vivid! I absolutely adore the little spots on his chin too!

Bobby's gecko went into the warm hide

Later that night I came back and Hawk was still in the cool hide just chilling

Hawkeye likes to poop on the top of this hide lol

Bobby's was sleeping

This is the tank at the moment, I need to make my moist hide for them as well from a Tupperware container and damp paper towel ^_^

More pictures next from Sunday and Monday!
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Reference Team
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Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Rhode Island
Okay, pictures from Sunday:
hanging out on the hot side

They're like cats!

Bobby's reminds me of a Bandit with the black mask, she also looks like a Veloceraptor lol

Bobby's likes to walk over Hawkeye, it's rather hilarious to watch!

Contented Gecko's!

Who could say no to that face??

Later closer to feeding time

Time for some meal worms!

Better view of Bobby's Gecko's coloration

It's a shame they won't get along nicely later in life since they are just too damn adorable together!

Ready for the after-dinner nap

This is from Tuesday night, the cricket was right under him and he didn't even feel it!

And that's it for now, I'm sure I'll have frequent updates of these guys!!
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Old 01-21-2015, 08:21 AM   #3 
Nova betta
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Location: highland UT
i love leopard geckos! We have a biology class at my school and my teacher has pets. she has a tarantula, some birds, of course bettas, and 2 leopard geckos!
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Old 01-21-2015, 08:30 AM   #4 
Reference Team
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Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Rhode Island
Yikes, no spiders for me! haha. I don't mind looking at them in the cages but I will NEVER own one lol. Lizards are good ^_^

I can't wait to fully tame them, Hawkeye has gone onto my hand before but decided he didn't want to stay there lol but we're progressing decently with him getting used to my hand! He's such a cutie!
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Old 01-21-2015, 11:01 AM   #5 
Reference Team
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If they are females there is a chance they'll be good together, especially in a larger enclosure with lots of cover. I know a lot of breeders who keep adult females together and recommend it themselves, of course things could go wrong like any animal... But I've never heard of them exclusively not being able to be kept together.

They're so beautiful.... Don't be surprised if their patterns change a bit by the time they're adults (not get worse or better necessarily... Just shift), or if the paler one sheds pretty soon!
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Old 01-21-2015, 11:22 AM   #6 
Reference Team
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Location: Rhode Island
Yeah, I read that about them changing. And yep, Hawkeye is already getting ready to shed! He was pretty pale last night, not cold but getting ready! I know they shed almost every month as juvies and will slow down when their growth slows in adulthood. I'm pretty positive that Hawk is a male though, he's got a pretty obvious pouch under his tail there and what looks like a prominent fold like I've seen pictures of. I haven't picked them up yet of course since they're not quite used to us but I'll report more on that when comes time.

I'm also pretty sure that Hawk is roughly 4 months old judging by size and weight where Bobby's is a little younger, about 3 months roughly.

On the other gecko forum I joined, I was explicitly told that even females aren't suggested to be living together by one of the mod guys. Of course, I realize that each is different as you say too. If they do both turn to be females, I will give it a shot of course since this set up will be easier for both us and mom on electricity (though...she did give me permission to set up more tanks in turn that I clean my room out XD hahah oh the bribes) but I'll watch them closely and if anything turns I'll set up the other tank quick as I can or divide the 20 for the time being while I get the 33 up.

Some of the behavior I've seen so far though between the two:

Hawkeye snapping at the girl

The girl stepping all over Hawkeye to get over him to get to the other side, not caring to go around lol

Hawkeye always eats first and fast, the girl is very slow in eating and I don't think she got any crickets last night, she did get some meal worms though.

Hawkeye didn't seem to try to hog the food at least and just ate what he needed, leaving the rest for the girl, so there didn't seem to be any malice there.

They both love to chase movements outside the tank! It's so darn cute, Bobby will wiggle his fingers at the end of the tank and one of them who is looking will immediately get up and run to the other side of the tank to inspect it! It's almost as hilarious to watch as when they wiggle their butts when they pounce on prey! I love these little guys!
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Congratulations, they are so cute!

My friend has a pair and they are very friendly and don't mind being held. They were together initially, but one ate all the food, while the other got thinner and thinner, so they had to separate them. I think otherwise they got along ok.
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Gecko babies! I have a gecko baby too! His(I think, too young to sex) name is tentatively Ba'al until I can get him/her sexed. Major cuties! I believe mine is a snow morph of some form, likely Mack Snow. Mine is still a very shy baby and doesn't come out much right now.

Last edited by Crossroads; 01-21-2015 at 05:26 PM.
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Old 01-22-2015, 09:38 AM   #9 
Reference Team
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Location: Rhode Island
Thanks guys! Yeah Hawkeye shed last night. I have a few pictures I'll upload when I get to my laptop ^^

Bobby has been calling the girl Fella....I'm like...seriously? You mad you have a girl? He's ridiculous. But yeah, she seems to contemplate her food before eating it so we purposely make sure they both get enough, so far so good at least.

Hawk was very shy last night while he was shedding. He did rub his head against my hand though trying to get the shed off his eyelid, it was the cutest thing ever. But he stayed in their new moist hide most of the night. I didn't check this morning but he should be good.
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Reference Team
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Location: Rhode Island
Hawkeye is getting used to me, he's been chilling in the moist hide and so I pick it up to look at him and talk to him, Mom came home tonight from Florida and we took her upstairs to see them; she approved thankfully. But Hawkeye almost came out to sit on my hand but she was worried he'd fall so I put my finger in front of his nose gently and he backed back into the hide, it was really cute.

This is the night before his shed so the night before last.

Here's Bobby's little ones pattern

This is from last night, Hawkeye's shed night. You can see a bit of skin on his cheek, it was actually very adorable

It was around his eye but he's all set today! Got all the skin off even on his toes and around his eyes ^_^

His newish pattern, I think he lost some black spots. I still don't know but I think he's a Hypomelanistic Carrot. I'll ask on the forum now that I have a good picture of his coloration.

She was contemplating her food

And that's our new DIY moist hide haha, used the tape to make the edges I cut out safe and to make it darker inside to help

Hawkeye today

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