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Old 08-30-2013, 12:09 PM   #451 
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I want to do a live stream with skype (sound off) of my sorority tank. Feeding time is a delight. Fish hopping around on pond lillies and other plants. It's one big gathering. Another funny thing I saw was two fish side by side looking at me through the tank another fish. Another fish swam and I guess one of the fish didn't care to be so close to that fish so she jumped horizontally to the side of the other fish. It was like a horizontal leap frog. The tail slapping is funny to watch too. The girl that is in time out is always in flare and she often charges fish that come up to the net. I kind of doubt she will be able to rejoin the rest of the fish. I have extra tanks so it will be ok if that happens. I still have two more fish that I didn't drop because they looked like they were getting fin rot. I was very good about changing the water so I am not sure why they got it. I am thinking about giving them away once their fins repair rather than disrupt the harmony in that I see right now.
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The aggressive girl should be fine to join the others, just keep an eye on her and if she get's aggressive again, put her back in time out for a few days. I had Lady Deathstrike in QT/Time Out for an extra 2 weeks because it seemed she wanted to kill her two sisters; Jewel and Emma. But after the two weeks she was as calm as could be when I let her out and immediately went submissive against the others. The three sisters have yet to nip each other and it's been a good 4 months now!

As for the rot, it won't matter sometimes how clean the water is; if they are stressed out, they are vulnerable to anything and more susceptible to it. So once they calm down and realize that they won't be in any danger, they'll start to heal up with clean water daily again
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Old 08-31-2013, 08:41 AM   #453 
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So the rest of the pictures from Tuesday

Cherry after just being woken up:

Aurora wondering why the light was on at 10 at night lol I know who's been digging in the sand....

Yeah that's a piece of sand on your head Pineapple...silly girl!

She apparently doesn't think she's guilty even with the evidence lol

And Amara being a grump face
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Old 08-31-2013, 01:12 PM   #454 
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Beautiful girls, lil!
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Old 08-31-2013, 01:37 PM   #455 
Phantom Miria
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LOL!! That first picture of Pineapple shes like :o IT WASN'T ME! xD! Great looking girls!
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Old 08-31-2013, 02:02 PM   #456 
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Hehe, thanks guys!! Hopefully I won't be too pooped after this so I can take some pictures.

I'm taking out all the floating plants, Frog-bit went into a bucket for the mean time after I washed the duckweed from it. Then the bigger, healthier bits of Water Sprite got planted and I'm in the process of getting rid of most of the duckweed right now. I know I'll never truely get rid of it but, I can at least get rid of most of it for the time being since it's choking out all the plants on the bottom >.>

Also bought some more corkscrew vallisneria today and going to put that on the otherside of the tank since the other val is doing great! I want to take out one of the stems of Elodea from Mercury/Jarvis's 5.5 and see how that does in the 33 since it's booming in the 5.5!!

I wish I could baffle the Whisper EX45 though.....maybe I'll attempt that today.....
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Old 08-31-2013, 04:55 PM   #457 
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Love Pineapple's picture with the sand on her head, gave me a good laugh.
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Old 08-31-2013, 05:35 PM   #458 
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I quite literally said that to her as well! lol I didn't know who had been playing in the sand and churning it over, thought it was the Ram's....guess not lol

Pictures to be up soon! I revamped the tank a bit, can't wait for my Amazon Swords to grow some more >.<
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Old 08-31-2013, 07:30 PM   #459 
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So I was just looking through some of the Band Camp photos and figured I'd share some with you all and THEN upload my fish photos lol because I'm cool like that XD

Oh, well this one is from Lucillia and I's trip to Niagara! This is after we walked through the mist twice or so lol so we're a little wet here XD I'm the one with the darker hair

And this one is from Band Camp. We were in our recital hall before Drum Line came in and so we were just going over the music with our AMAZING band director. I know we all say we have the best band director but Brian is our God, he is amazing! Back in 2002 when he came to URI and became the Athletic Band Director, the Marching Band was at a mere 50 memebers. As of this week we now have 135 members exactly! He revived our band and love for band and pulled us through the hard times! He got us new Mellophones, Sousaphones, drums AND uniforms! He quite literally saved us!

Me and my awesome Section Leader! He's a year younger than me but I passed up the position to focus on another position I have in our Fraternity (co-ed Music Honorary organization). We were memorizing music here that I already had memorized from playing in Pep-band lol.

And now just a few moments from LAST YEAR:

This is a normal sectional for the Tenor Saxophones lol, Keith our Section Leader now Drum Major is the one standing XD

Our Section Theme Picture was making a flower around Keith XD And then Alberto was sailing on As you can tell, we laid down or sit down quite frequently

And now to go WAAAAAY back! This was Sophomore year in High School I think....not sure about that one. Ugg, look at the outdated uniforms they STILL have!
And the girl in front to the left is my long time no-longer-best friend; Katie.

I played Alto back then >.< ugg the shrill....I hate alto now haha, Tenor all the way!

Fast forward two years to Senior Year, I now played Trumpet lol Katie dyed her hair blonder and then Em is on the right there.

Last year both Katie and I at URI on Game Day right before our Half Time Show

Funny seeing how things play out

And now our entire Band as of last night! WHO'RE WE? THE PRIDE!

I'm sitting next to our band director in the front second row left end. You can tell the Tenor's/Alto's. It was Section Theme day which meant that each section makes up their own theme since we do theme day's like Fandom Day or Throw Back Day. Tenors were Dastardly Villains: we wore black, capes, dark sunglasses and hats. We saran wrapped our tower and Keith (DM)'s car lol and then the Alto's were Friday the 13th since there were 13 of them.
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Old 08-31-2013, 08:01 PM   #460 
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OKAY! Now onto the Betta's!

Aero was just being a cutie:

Beautiful deep brown eyes!

Still loves the thermometer, good pic of his ventral's as well

I feel so pretty, oh so pretty, and witty and--

Steve and Tony are gay...not me <.< >.>.....and Jarvis too....

And Feng's boy which is in my care for the moment, he'll be sent out soon though!

Gambit is looking for a home still! His tail is doing great, he's pushing the black part right out and off and his anal fin is growing out amazingly fast! Ventral's will take a while but that's normal.

Taken with flash:

So...who want's to tell Pineapple that's she's NOT a cichlid?

And I still can't find Amara's ovaries......quite literally are non-existant unless they're amazingly translucent.....

Lady is definitely in my little circle of second favorites lol

Black Copper CT girl!

My marble girl! I've got to call her something along the lines of Princess or Queen, she looks at me expectantly and is angry with me unless I change her water or give her food constantly....little bugger she is!


I wanted to call her Halloween but I don't want to steal Viva's girls's names lol

She's so beautiful though!

Black DT girl who is easily scared, no idea for names yet. I haven't really looked for names though.

Boss Ram bossing rams around

Lone Ram ramming alone

White Dragon girl with Asaria.

White Dragon girl was teasing Firestar and Asaria because she got out of her cup first....she's a little butt for sure!

She liked posing for the camera

Can't wait to see how she'll marble and color up!

So moved things around in the tank, got rid of everything floating because I'm just sick of it. So if anyone wants Frog-bit, I've got lots of it you can buy Duckweed is mostly gone, still some left so soon I'll work on cleaning the rest of it out as much as I can. I know it will always be there but I can at least mostly get rid of it and keep it at bay most I can. Also moved a Sword to make more room and got four more Corkscrew Vallisneria from my LFS which is in the back left.

Now I just need things to grow UP!

Also Mattie looks worse.....columnaris I think but I'm not sure? She currently soaking in 3 tsp salt/gal right now since the Furan-2 wasn't working obviously.

She's in good spirits though so idk what the heck is with her. Her anal fin is nearly deteriorated and if it goes further I think I might have to euthanize her but I'll let her decide. If she's going to keep fighting then I'll fight along with her to see if we can get this at bay and gone forever!
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