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Betta Rescuer
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Question SICK BETTA??!Please help!

Hello everyone.One of my female veiltail Bettas is sick.Her history is that I adopted her from Petco as a baby and she is around a year old now.She was
a very hardy Betta when younger and it's hard to believe she is appearing to be sick.
Yesterday I went to feed her and she refused to eat.I noticed her bottom fins and top dorsal fin where slightly clamped and she was swimming around slowly in her tank.
(I haven't fed her any live food in fear of possible parasites, so she is only accustomed to eating pellets.)
Today when I went to feed her in hopes that she would eat,she darted to the bottom of the tank scared of my hand over the tank.She's never done this before as she was the most friendly of all my Bettas.I don't know what she has, but my guess so far is stress?Her tank is placed next to 2 males in separate tanks,one on either side for company.I thought Mabe she was stressed by them so I blocked her view from them both.(She didn't seem to mind the male before at all...but I suspect she is stressed by something)
I tested her water and it appears to be ok.I added some aquarium salt last night to try and relax her,which did help a little I can tell.
Please help me diagnose my little girl!I would hate to loose her after having raised her from a tiny little thing!
Thanks to any advice!
Betta Rescuer
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Do you have some stress coat on hand? I would do a water change and add stress coat to see if that will help her. Also check for ich or velvet. Does she have any of the tell-tale signs of ich (white spots on her) or velvet which looks like fine gold dust has been sprinkled on her (you might need a flashlight to see this). If she has any of these signs -- search the disease forum sticky notes on this subject.

Eventually, an experience owner will be sending you a fill in forum link that you need to fill in so that they can know the parameters of your tank water conditions.
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Betta Rescuer
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Thanks for your help.I don't have slime coat on hand but I dis put aquarium salt in.
I discovered that he has what looks to be velvet?I have not been successful in treating it in the past so am unsure what to doI shined a flashlight on her and saw gold dust on the bottom fin(small patch.)Sounds like velvet I guess?He is now pale in color and is scared easily by sudden hand movements.She's still not eating2nd day.Pls help anybody and tell me how to treat velvet!
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