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Exclamation 10 Gallon Aquarium Max Capacity & Limitations?

Hey All! I'm new and i was just wondering if my 10 gallon aquarium is "Over Packed". Here is what i have inside my 10 gallon

1) 1x- Half Moon double tail plakat MALE betta
2) 7x- Veil FEMALE betta
3) 2x- Corydoras Fish
4) 3x- Dwarf Gourami
5) 2x- Mystery Snail
6) 10x- Ghost Shrimp
7) 1x Bottom feeder (Not sure what the name is)
8) 1x- moss ball
9) 1x- live log

(Just to think of it, after rereading it, i think it is very packed what can i do to get rid of some fishes?)

My Aquarium has a quite a few of plants, heater, filter, gravel with soil, a real live log, moss ball and a air wand (along with a air pump)

I also cut open a red plastic cup (as you can see in the pictures) to reduce the currents in the tank, the way how the current is going is that the water is now being pushed down instead of across, is that a good idea for the bettas and plants? I also add a C02 booster every 1 week to make sure that the plant have some C02

Forgot the names of the plant but i know one is called a moneywort plant.

Temperature ATM:78

Here are some picture of the tank:










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Males and females bettas can't be kept together, they'll either breed or either of them will die. Especially if there's a sorority. Considering there are gouramis too, just return the male betta and the gouramis and then you'll be fine. Your tank is really overstocked, and you'll also have to return the cories IMO because you need more for a shoal and the tank can't comprehend that many fish.
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Reference Team
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Yea... You're really overstocked. And you have some compatability issues that should probably be addressed. In a ten gallon, the 7 female bettas would stock it (and the ghost shrimp... They don't have much of a bioload so they could work too).

I am concerned with the fact that you are keeping a male with females. This is never a recommended combination and 99% of the time either that male or some of the females will end up dead... These are aggressive, unpredictable fish, and even if it seems like they are happy today you could come home to bodies at any moment, to be blunt.

Gouramis and bettas can be aggressive towards each other.

Plecos (what your unidentified bottom feeder is) get too large for a ten gallon tank... They have a high bioload and, if it is a common pleco, they grow very large and may become aggressive as they age.

Corys should be in a group of at least four, but as your tank is already overstocked I would not buy any more.

I would try to rehome, return, or move everything but the female bettas and the shrimp, honestly.
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+1 the above.

You don't say what type of filtration you have but here's what AquaAdvisor says about your tank:
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I agree with Matt...that is a very overstocked tank and definitely going to have some compatibility issues. I would either:

a.) get rid of everything but the female bettas and the live plants. You could keep maybe the snails or the shrimp but ghost shrimp usually die off from disease or they get eaten. Mystery snails leave a lot of waste behind and may get attacked by the female bettas
b.) get rid of everything but the male betta and pick up 2 more corydoras to make 4 corys and one male in the 10 gallon (that's what I have in one of my 10 gallon tanks)

Gouramis aren't advised to be kept with any betta. Plecos get huge and will definitely outgrow the tank. Corydoras get stressed in groups less than 4 and prefer sand substate because of their delicate barbels.

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