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What a personality

I really had no idea how much personality they can have. Mr. Bubbles is a very bold fish. The other night I was doing a partial water change and I had the siphon in there and he kept swimming up to it and watching and he just swam around while I was doing it. He seemed to like the water jostling around. Yesterday morning, I had him swimming through a hoop in no time.

He's very interactive and loves to hang out in the front of the tank while I am doing things in the kitchen. As I am making dinner, I will do it on the counter in front of his tank and he loves to watch me. He loves to swim through his cave but doesn't spend much time hiding.

He's not super aggressive but gets worked up a little when I put the mirror up to his tank. He is quite the begger and on his fasting day, I swear he had this way of making himself look sad to make me feel guilty. It worked on my husband (he gave him 1 pellet, haha).

I even increased my water flow on my filter one notch and he likes to play in the outflow. He really is quite the character. I love the fact that he doesn't stress easily and has had a hearty appetite since day one.

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He sounds wonderful and he looks handsome in your avatar!
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Haha welcome to the grand world of Betta fish! They really are characters I think that's why I want more of them because they all have different but very full personalities and it's great!
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Thanks guys! I really didn't think such a beautiful/healthy fish could come from one of the Pet somethings. I looked around for several days and visited local pet stores as well as the big names. I happened in to one of the big names the day after their shipment came in. I picked out two of the healthiest and hid them in the back of the shelf until I went the following day to pick them up. The other one was a double tail halfmoon that was red and white but I couldn't quite decide if the main body of the fish was faded red or if it was supposed to be the color it was. So I opted for this guy.

They did have a stunning crowntail too but he seemed very aggressive all the time. Seemed totally stressed the entire time too.
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