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Woohoo! Don't disturb them too much, and it can take a few hours to complete.. so wait until the male chases her away and she stays in a far corner. When she is far away, clamped up and the male goes at her aggressively, remove her and place her back into her home. If she has some damage on her, place a small bit of dissolved AQ salt in there with her - 1/2 - 1 teaspoon per gallon.. daily water changes to help keep her wounds clean. Can also use a tiny bit of methylene blue if you have it. It is okay to feed her a little bit when she is returned to her home - she will most likely be starving.

After you remove her, make sure there is a light (the tank, or a nightlight right next to the tank) so the male can see the eggs as they fall.. don't disturb him, don't attempt to feed, etc. Let him be until the fry are sideways and moving on their own.. at which point you can decide to leave daddy in there (if he is taking care of them) or remove him.. if you remove him check back in on him shortly after, you may be surprised to see babies in with him as they oftentimes will carry fry around in their mouth to protect them. You can try to remove the fry gently with a spoon, but if it's only a little you can leave them in there.. daddy will actually take care of them in his tank. He may not eat for a few days after you remove him (he may eat like a pig too), so don't worry if he doesn't eat.. just offer food and remove it shortly after if it's still there and he'll eventually eat. I would also keep him from view of other fish for a couple days - as he may stress being in "daddy protector mode" and seeing other "threats" - bettas.

Congrats on your first spawn! It sounds like it went real smoothly for you!
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Haha thanks!
I went back to check really fast on them and found the female hiding behind the heater and the male tending the nest. However, the nest looked empty and was sort of falling apart. He looked suspiciously fat though..
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Give him a few days.. he will eat any that are not fertilized and hide the rest of the eggs up inside the nest. One spawn of mine I thought I had only a handful of eggs but ended up with 550+ fry. They are good at tucking the eggs up where we can't see them. I just had a spawn today as well.. :) We can watch our spawns grow together! lol
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