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Stopped making bubblenest in 10 gallon

I have a beautiful purple PK male betta I really wanted to breed. I keep him in a temperature controlled (80-82 degrees) 10 gallon tank with the full breeding set up (sponge filter turned way low, plants, Styrofoam cup, etc.) and condition him with frozen foods and live fruit flies but he won't make a bubblnest. After 2 weeks or so of conditioning I give up on him and put him in a half gallon holding tank like I keep all my other bettas in and he immediately gets to work on a bubblnest... I don't get this guy.

I could also mention this guy is super aggressive. If I don't put something up against the glass on the tank then he will flare at his own dim reflection. I even tried to put the female I wanted to breed him with in a cup inside his tank and he only tries to charge her and is very aggressive, pushing her cup around, not being "flirtatious" though she is going full nose down and submissive.

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A lot of males need something to help trigger the nest building.. moving to a new location/territory did that for him.

Why normally you see breeders don't add males to the breeding tank until it's time to introduce the pair - you end up getting better results that way. At least from my experiences..

As for his aggression, it was most likely due to him being alone and away from other bettas for a period of time. Normally the longer they are without sight of another betta, the more aggressive they tend to become. He should calm down though after a bit.. it can take a day or so before he starts to see her as a mate. But since he had established himself in the breeding tank long prior to her being introduced, he is seeing her more as a threat than a mate.

I suggest keeping him in his home tank (the half gallon) while you condition him and the female.. after conditioning set up the spawn tank and introduce him. I immediately add in a female to the tank - depending upon the pair sometimes I don't keep them separated at all and sometimes I use the glass hurricane lamp to keep them separated and I usually release her within the day.

To help calm his aggression, during conditioning allow him to see the female once per day about 5-10 minutes (keep them in their own 1/2g container, just place a card between them).
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Thank you so much for your advice. I might try that with some of my future breeding pairs.

I'm seriously reconsidering breeding this fish. I guess this leads me to another question. He seems to have a chronic swim bladder problem. Almost every time I put him in a new tank he gets constipated or something affects his swim bladder to where he gets stuck on the surface for 2-3 days and I have to fast him. Sometimes he even gets this problem when I don't put him in a new tank. It is safe to say this probably happens to him once or twice every two weeks.

I was actually shocked he made a bubblenest in his little half gallon home while he was stuck floating on the top of the water.

My concern is that this might turn out to be a genetic trait and breeding him would lock it into some of the fry.

I really just wanted to bring out his amazing purple color and try to isolate it with a few generations of fry but I should probably pick a new pair.

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