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My fish seems uncomfortable with his new filter?

I got a betta fish for my birthday about 2 weeks ago in a half gallon tank without a filter. Yesterday i got this 1-gallon tank and put him in it today and the filter on it seems to be stressing him out, and I was wondering if he will just get used to it eventually or if it's too strong? When I had it turned on he kept hiding under the plants and swimming around to what looked like the spots where the filter would have the least pull. I have the filter turned off now and he seems much calmer. The box the tank came in and the guy at the pet store both said it was a good tank for bettas so I'm not sure if it's just because he isn't used to having a filter or not. Does anyone else have experience with this tank and can help? Thank you!
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msalley, I suggest:

1) Get a larger tank. 1G is better than half, but still too small. You want about 2.5G. Can you return the 1G?
2) Yes, most bettas don't like a strong current. Can you adjust the flow of the filter? If there's no adjustment, you could try blocking the output. I'm not sure what filter it is, but if you stuff the filter body with some filter material (floss, sponge, whatever) that'll slow down the flow.

If you can't get a larger tank and can't slow down the filter, you need to do daily 50% water changes.....

Good luck!
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You really don't need the filter for a one gallon tank. It will be near-impossible to cycle and it will probably continue to stress him out. One thing you can try is putting lots of plants in front of the filter to break up the flow of water at the top. I made a lot of hidey-holes in my tank with a filter, but you do not have a ton of room to work with. I think your fish might be happier with calm water and two 100% water changes a week.
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