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Very New and I Got Questions

Hi all. I love the info i have found here and I really appreciate the time you all put in. I hope my questions arent too novice.

My girlfriend got a male betta last year and he has been very happy in his little home. I have always wanted a small aquarium and decided to do it.

We went to the pet store and I talked to the attendant in the fish department and he seemed helpful but I am afraid he mislead me.

I purchased a 2.5 Gallon tank that has a light and a filter. I also bought enough betta water (dont know if this is necessary but figured it was a safe way to start) and then asked about the fish. I know males can not be kept together but he stated that females could in groups of 3 or more. I asked if 2.5 gallons was big enough and he said yes.

I then went off picked three little beauties and all the other tank essentials (gravel and a decorative piece).

My concern comes from the fact that so much I have read seems to be different from what the store attendant said:

I have read that it should be 4 or more females. Is this true?

That even though these are very small fish that they should be given at least a 10 gallon tank. Is 2.5 too small?

I read that bubbles at the top of the your tank would be a sign that your male betta is happy. I have bubbles but I have 3 females. Is it the same?

Those are really the basics. My family has never been much of a pet family and I really like my three little girls and I want them to be happy.

Thank you all in advance for your time and help and please feel free to pass on any advice you may have!
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Yes you're right. If you have a tank of females, it's best to have them in a 10 gallon tank with 4 or more girls. Lots of hiding spots (plants, caves, etc).
With females, the bubbles happen sometimes. Usually just from all of them breathing.
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welcome to the fish fourm

yes you can have 4 or more in a 10 gallon minum and you can just condition tap water for bettas with water condtioner.
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I would suggest a much larger tank, even bigger then 10 gallon, but that would be the min. Most of the time sororities don't work out so well, so if you are new to Betta and/or fish in general, I would just stick with one pretty male or female in that 2.5 gallon. :)
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I second what Vikki and AngelicScars has said... I don't think keeping 3 together in a 2.5 gallon tank is the best idea.

And rule #1 in keeping fish - don't listen to what they tell you in the pet store. They do not know what they are talking about! I found out just this week on some other things with my fish tank that they told me completely wrong information and I'm still trying to fix everything that happened from following what they told me.
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