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Location: North Carolina new sorority!!

Well, some of you know I rescued two females a week or so ago, and ultimately decided to start a sorority. It was a perfect excuse to go and rescue three pick up a 10g kit...and plants...and ornament...and so on. I did a quick start and the tank is doing very well so far. The first day was a bit rough, and a few ladies got some nips and ruffled fins. They seem to have figured their pecking order, and I can already tell who is the boss.

First is Emma, she is a purple/white CT, and she is the boss. Second is Thelma, she is a red VT. Third is Lucy, my original rescue and she is a baby blue/purple CT. Fourth is Margie, my original rescue and she is a bright blue CT. Louise is fifth, she is a purple/white VT and she is at the bottom of pecking order (hence the nipped fins). She challenged the most with Emma, trying to be boss, but it didn't work out. I am treating tank with Stress Coat. All seem to be doing well now. A nip here and there still, or a short chase, but all is good. I have a huge water sprite, a large ornament/log, wisteria, silk plant... and also put all of my hornwort in there to buffer.

How many girls can I put in a 10g? I'd like to get 1 or 2 more. I may also add some RCS later, but wanted to get the girls situated.
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Are the girls still doing well? I love seeing sororities work out. I'm thinking of starting one myself with my two I already have.. I'd get three more and put them in a 10 gallon. It'd probably be less expensive than me getting double new tanks, heaters, filters, lights, plants, and ornaments for these two I have in temporary tanks. I'd love to watch those you got interacting- you picked some pretty girls. I love your tank setup by the way.
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Location: North Carolina
Thanks BettaEnamored!! They are doing very well so far. I was a little nervous at first, but then just decided to go for it! I tried to pick all the females around the same age and size. There have been a few nipped fins, but very normal as I have read. No major issues thus far! Whew! I made sure to get a large ornament that breaks up the tank atmosphere, and LOTS of plants. I have a huge water sprite that grows a foot every day (ok, ok, maybe a little exaggeration), and I also collected most of my hornwort from other tanks (sorry boys!) and added that as well. Their tank becomes more bushy with every passing day. I can try to video them interacting - is that what you want to see? They are actually funny to watch sometimes, especially around feeding time (can we say piglets). I say go for it if you want to start a sorority - I think it's a great way to rescue more females and give them a better chance at life other than the cup of ammonia they currently live in at the store.
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