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Hi All!

As the title reads, I am a newbie in the fish world. I had like two goldfish when I was little and I don't even really remember that, so . . . Well, I was at the store with my friend to get her fish some food and we passed the bettas; they were in the typical small containers and three were floating, dead, in brown water. One was on the brink of death and two were together in one container (I assume they were females, but in one tiny container?!) and then there was my Apache. He looked healthy enough and I was torn over him not ending up like the others!! Needless to say, the manager had a new one ripped by yours truly and I saved the cute bugger! It's been almost two months and he (luckily) was not sick in any way! I've cycled through the tank with him and I am getting ready to move and thought I would start preparing for the tanks makeover now.

Currently, he is alone with two fake plants and black gravel. I would like to get some live plants versus these temporary fake ones. I don't know what kind to get, what substrate they need, and everything else! I do have a filter and I have been doing about a 30% water change every week to two weeks. I am a full-time student, so my budget is on the tinny side! I also have a heater and thermometer, but I want to wait on the heater because it was used on a bigger tank by the guy I got it from and I want to have the tank next to me, so I can monitor the temps -- it is currently at my parents house! Also, I would like to add in some drift wood maybe and some other fish. I heard neon tetras were the best, but I also heard Cherry barbs could work. I don't want the tank to be crowded and I don't want a frog or shrimp. Well, maybe a couple shrimp depending on the cost! I am also in the works of planning/buuilding a custom enclosure for my Bearded Dragon, so . . . if my 40 gallon breeder decided it will hold water for me, how could I possibly move this "tank" into that one?!

THANKS! And sorry for the long post, my southern side likes to talk talk talk! <3
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You will find lots of answers in the section titled Betta Compatibility
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