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Exclamation 911!!! Pale and won't eat!

Okay, so we went camping about a week ago for four days. when we got back our neighbor (who was petsitting) had overfed my betta, Diva to the point where she was very fat (luckily she's a picky eater, so she didn't end up like my sister's betta, Veggie, who is now in fish heaven) I've been having her on a 1 bloodworm per day diet, and now she's very pale with two white stripes along her side, her belly, and at the base of all of her fins except her tail. she's a dark blue crowntail, but seems more blue-grey now. I've tried feeding her pellets, bloodworms, and bettamin (bloodworms and bettamin are her favorite) and for all three, she ate them, spat them out, ate them again, and the cycle repeated until the food had sunk to the bottom of the tank. all she will eat, and keep down are thhe micro-pellets for babies that we got with the starter tanks. (I just tried that as I'm typing this. any help as soon as possible would be appreciated. I got her in either March or April, but I really don't want to lose her. She's gotten a little color back since she's eaten. As for her water, it's been around only 70 degrees for a couple of days since the surge protecter was out (the heater wire can't reach the wall) and her light was out too. lately, I've been using tapwater and bettasafe for her water, and it was about 80 degrees when I changed it. I don't have a filter or anything, so I do a 100% water change on a weekly basis and clean the rocks regularly too. she had a plastic plant, but swims around it, so I don't think she likes it and took it out. I also put back a glow rock house thingie that I'd had out for a week that proceeded to fizz for a few minutes, but I think that was just air in the rock. Anyway, now she's acting fairly normal. (She's playing with her own reflection right now. lol) Oh, also, she's been having constipation all week, and I just noticed her poop's turned white (her tank's next to my bed, so I usually have a close eye on her). so any help would be very appreciated!!!
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There could be any number of things going on here. She could be in shock still from the cold water. She could be sick from overfeeding, she could have a parasite (white poop), she could have released eggs (again, white poop), she could be egg bound, etc.
If she's constipated, don't feed her for a few days until she goes, that's also a good thing to do if she's been overfed. Don't worry, she won't starve, they can go a week or 2 without food and be fine.
How big is your tank? If it's smaller than 5 gallons, you need to be doing 3 or 4 water changes a week if you don't have a filter - they don't all have to be 100%.
Are you feeding her freeze-dried bloodworms, frozen, or live? Freeze-dried can cause bloating and shouldn't be fed everyday because of that. Frozen and live can give parasites. The frozen ones should never be refrozen after thawing because it can grow bacteria and then make your fish sick.
Oh, and just because she swims around her plant doesn't mean she doesn't like it. They LOVE lots of places to hide and lots of things to swim around, under, over, and through, it keeps them entertained.
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Join Date: May 2013
Location: New Hampshire
I think it was just shock. I put the plant back in, an she was all over it. (Hahaha) she's had the egg problem before, and the bloodworms are freeze dried, so that explains the bloating. That little drama queen XD. I'll soon be upgrading to a 5-gallon tank with a divider and (hopefully) a red veiltail female playmate (hence the divider since I saw Diva staring down her own reflection earlier)
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