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Originally Posted by mybabyjets View Post
why would i need 4 or more? i have 1 pleco in my 20gallon and hes just fine...and i think ill do the snail thing...why only 2, whats bad about a mini cycle? and any other fish besides guppys/platies ??
The pleco idea is out because they get to big for that tank, even 1 by itself will outgrow that.

As for the "4 or more" I think they're talking about cories. They are schoolers and don't like groups of less than 4.

Other fish? I've heard people list lots of them. I've seen rasboras on that list, for sure.

Stay away from danios and anything else that nips fins.

Basic guideline for cohabitation with bettas is this:
1) Must fit in the tank you're using.
2) Must not nip fins.
3) Must swim faster than a betta (eventually the betta will have a go at it).
4) Must not grow big enough to eat a betta.
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