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Originally Posted by sainthogan View Post
Epsom salt is different than aquarium salt, and epsom salts can be used for an indefinite amount of time, while aquarium salt can be used for a maximum of 14 days. This is because Epsom salts aren't salts at all, it's magnesium sulfate, which has lots of safe uses in and outside the tank, whereas aquarium salt is salt, and freshwater fish don't tolerate salt for very long.
My apologies for referring to them colloquially. To my understanding, epson salt is generally used for dropsy for the purpose of drawing water. I disagree with being able to use it indefinitely and I base that off of autopsies of fish I have had done...sensitive fish mind you, but still fish. Further, I've not seen many conditions in which epson or aquarium salts have done much at all with the exception of epsom salt and certain parasites via very short term usage. Some people swear by the use of either or both, but I personally do not believe they are optimal treatment choices.

Originally Posted by imlandys View Post
If he had dropsy wouldnt his abdomen be swollen? because it is not.
Short term use of either is not going to kill the fish, but of those I know who have treated both cold water and warm water fish displaying symptoms of dropsy with success, kanamycin, gentamicin, B-6, doxycycline, oxytetracycline, or a combo of two or more have generally been the agents mentioned, sometimes with something to prevent any secondary development. There are a few makers of medications made for fish who do nothing but diagnosis...the more people you ask IMO the better you are given diagnosing fish is hard given they cannot talk, but from what you have described it seeps to me it is dropsy. Popeye of one eye versus both eyes are generally diseases of very different natures. But before going to the point of using medication, water parameters need to be #1. Then the more people that see, examine, and discuss the better chance your diagnosis is correct and your treatment works correctly. Whenever a bacterial infection is possible, there will be some antibiotics that do absolutely nothing for it, some that do something that are not well suited, some that are well suited, and some that are best suited.
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