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which to add first?

i have a 10g planted tank i started up last weekend. While it's cycling i'm trying to decide what i was going to stock it with and i think i finally decided on 4-5 corries and a male betta.... now the question is from your experience do you think it would be better to add the corries a week or so before i add the betta or vice versa? or should i just add them all at once? i know i'm not gonna be able to tell if the bettas going to be aggressive with them till i get him home but hopefully i can take him back and exchange if he is aggressive
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I suppose you're talking about pygmies? And it is best to add in the cories first, if you add them after you add the betta, he'll think they're trespassing his territory. Remember to quarantine, also.
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If you're going to get Pygmy cories, they need a cycled, well-established tank. The only reason I happen to have this information is I've been Googling the heck for them and that's the one thing on which all catfish forums agree.

You can add them after the Betta but rearrange the tank. When I introduce mine, I will float the Betta in an opaque cup so he can't see them floating in the clear bags and get any ideas. I will release them into a darkened tank and then release him.

Others do it differently, I'm sure. That's just my way.
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When I added my five Cories, I took my Betta boy out first, rearranged everything, and let the Cories get comfy in the tank for a few minutes before putting him back in. Definitely make sure your tank is cycled first, though. I've had them together for two months now with no problems. Though, my boy is also very calm and tolerant of other fish.
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