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Stress with my sorority

I have a 30 gallon tank with six bettas and a six neon tetras. I also have a 20 gallon tank with two gouramis in it.
Lately I've noticed that my neon tetras aren't getting as much food as I think they'd like, and the bettas seem stressed, especially Athena and Jackie. They have stress marks and everything. The neon tetras don't swim in a little 'flock' anymore.
In my other tank, the gouramis seem fine, but the jumbo tetras are fighting. I think that that tank is way too crowded, and I hope that's the only reason this is happening.
I've checked everything about the two tanks, ph levels, ammonia, but nothing is different than before, so I think it's simply a matter of conflicting species. I think this would be better if I left the gouramis and bettas in those tanks, and removed both schools of tetras.
I have an empty 20 gallon in my basement and a much larger one of unknown size down there, so if need arises I could seperate each species to their own. However, I was hoping to give that 20 g to Charry because I'd really like him to have an upgrade from a 5 g. So I was wondering, would it be possible to house the aggressive jumbo tetras and the neon tetras together? It's not needed of course, but I don't have all the room in the world to house my fish.
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How much cover do you have? They may need more plants and hides. There are people that have more fish than that in 30 gallon but they have lots of cover.
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