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Old 07-04-2013, 04:10 PM   #1 
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Question Sponge filter of death!?

So I have a young betta (aprox. 4 months old) and his name is Finn. I had to leave him to be with my family for four days so I did a 75% WC with gravel vac this morning. As I was pouring in new water I couldnt find the little guy but figured he was hiding in his cup. About thirty minutes later I saw him stuck in one of the grooves of the sponge filter (Jardin mini). He had somehow wedged himself between the filter and the glass. I was terrified and the first thought that came to mind was "HE IS DEAD!" I quickly moved the filter and he darted for air. I WAS TERRIFIED!! I added some extra stress coat to his water. The only injury he sustand was a small tear to one of his developing ventral fins. I watched him for a few hours but then I had to leave. My roomate is feeding him while im gone. This is the first time I have left him and it was very hard to do. I am so worried about him and wish I could have just stayed home with him!! I would have if my dad wasnt having surgery tomorrow! I got him when he was a half inch colorless lil thing and seeing stuck like that just broke my heart! Has anyone else had an issue like this with a sponge filter? I moved it away from the glass and turned it back on because I couldnt just leave him four days without a filter. Was this the right thing to do?
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I know that sometimes Jacob likes to wedge himself between the tank glass and my thermometer... and I have heard of fish liking to get back behind their filters. I hope your little guy gets better but I'm sure he'll be ok. I think if it is moved away from the glass he might be less likely to get stuck again.
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My betta got himself stuck TWICE in my CO2 bubble dispenser thing that came with the Nutrafin Natural CO2 is a pic of it (not mine). But he swam in between the glass and that thing by going through the bottom of it. He then was stuck behind it because he wasn't bright enough to swim downwards and out (Figures O_o). I released him twice from this contraption and he immediately swam to the surface for air, other than that he was fine. I'm glad your guy is okay and hopefully he has learned NOT to go in there again lol. You can try using some Nylon mesh or something to block it. I had little to no options other than pushing the thing down into the substrate so he couldn't swim into it from underneath.

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Thanks everyone!
I do have some extra plastic mesh lying around that I could probably use. I wish I would Have thought of that before I left! I feel terrible about leaving him and I hope he is still ok when I come home.
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