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ADF for Girl in a 5.5gal?

My new VT girl Gylfie is in a 5.5 gallon all by herself right now, and I was thinking about getting her a companion of some kind to interact with without causing any kind of problems. With my boy, I have five Cories, but I know I wouldn't be able to do Cories in a 5.5.

I was thinking about the possibility of an African Dwarf Frog. Do you think that would be okay? I'm not sure of the individual care of ADFs, but I will be doing research. Are ADFs difficult to care for? And are they docile enough to not bother Gylfie? I know there are several people on here who have them with Bettas, I'm just looking for specifics and if they are recommended. If not, I'll probably end up getting a pair of ghost shrimp or something. I've had ghost shrimp before with my male, Ben, though he's so big he just swallowed them all whole and took out all five in a week and a half. But Gylfie is only about half an inch bigger than most ghost shrimp right now so I don't think it would be too bad. Though I am really interested in trying out an ADF.

What do you guys suggest? and any information from anyone with experience with ADF's is appreciated.
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bettas and tankmates are hit or miss, it really depends on your girl whether she would be willing to share her space. It also depends on your frog, some are too prey driven to be housed with fish or inverts. Make sure you have the space to separate them (with a 3 gal tank as the absolute MINIMUM for the frog, 5 gal being preferable). The disclaimer out of the way, I'll give you my personal experience.

I've had female bettas with my ADF, Pancake, and I've really only ever had a problem with one of them. She's descended from evil though, and can't manage normal or healthy social interaction with other living organisms though. She would attack him every chance she had.

The other 3 babies that I've let grow out in his tank haven't caused any issues at all, haven't bothered him. He's ignored them as well.

A couple of members have had issues with their frogs attacking their fish, so this is something else to keep in mind as you introduce them.

good luck!
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Thank you very much, I'll keep that all in mind n_n I'm probably going to wait at least a couple weeks before adding any more creatures to any of my tanks, since I have other priorities for my three girls, but hopefully she won't mind a frog and I can hopefully get a frog that is calm enough to leave her alone. If not, I don't mind getting the frog his own home. They are very cute, silly little things :)
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