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Old 07-23-2013, 05:56 PM   #1 
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Betta with Guppies

I'm just curious for people's experiences with this combo.
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Reference Team
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I've kept bettas- male and female- with fancy guppies without a single problem. The myth that male bettas think male guppies are other male bettas is rather dumb if you ask me... They won't confuse one species for another. Oldfishlady (an expert, in case you didn't know her) and I had a bit of a discussion on this and she agrees.
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I am buying some Dwarf Panda Guppies from Mysterman on AquaBid ( I specifically asked about any Guppy and Bettas and he agrees with Matt. He also said these guys are so peaceful they can be housed with inverts.

Chuck has larger species, too, but I wanted smaller and these are about half the size of regulars. They don't even eat their own fry....which is one reason I'm getting all males.
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Lol. Matt's right, though when I first put my girls in my tank, my male guppy thought they were guppies. But I haven't had any issues, and it's helped keep the girls distracted from one another. What with an annoying male guppy swimming around, and my 2 females pestering them. I'm sure they wouldn't be getting along this well if the guppy weren't there in addition to the 6 females to spread the hostility.
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I've seen YouTube videos of it being done. I think the only risk is the guppies nipping Betta fins, my guppies used to nip each other constantly!
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