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Old 09-18-2014, 05:52 AM   #1 
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Exclamation Algae is becoming the bane of my life!

I've got a 25 litre tank with a single male betta in. It's a gravel and silk plant tank (I would like to switch to a full planted one day but that's another story!) and I just can't seem to stop the growth of the brown/black algae on the plants and the big chunks of green algae in the gravel and on the tank sides. His light is on for about 10 hours a day.

I don't really fancy going down the chemical route, so does anyone have any advice for something that would make this more manageable?! A snail? Pleco?

Thank you in advance, if I can slow the growth of this stuff down, it would really help!
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A nerite snail is a champion algae eater -- they've been known to starve to death if they are in a tank with no algae, even when people supplement their food with algae wafers, etc. One little nerite can clean up a tank very effectively.
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Try cutting back the light period to 7-8 hours.
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I will cut the light down by a few hours and maybe look at getting a little snail. Although i'm worried he'll climb out!
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Old 09-19-2014, 02:53 PM   #5 
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yes, I agree with the light issue. Cut back on that. AND...if you have your tank anywhere near a window....move it farther away from the window. Windows are a huge reason why algae forms.....I know from experience.
I had a tank that had a constant algae problem....that yucky green slimy gunk that just covers eveything including the filter. I put a large handful of java moss in it and in about 2 months I no longer had an algae problem. A fellow aquarist suggested this to me and I was amzed at how well it worked. It must have sucked up all the nutrients that the algae thrived on.
I also tried nerite snails, and while they are great for the type of algae that grows on the sides of the tank, they refused to eat this other stuff.
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Don't worry, aquatic snails cant live outside water. He wont be able to leave the tank.
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