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Blue-green algae issues

I'm pretty sure I have some blue-green algae in my tank. It's pretty gross, a dark blue-ish green colour and it's showing up on some of my plants as a thick slime on the leaves. I've been removing it with my water changes bit by bit, and it doesn't appear to be growing at a crazy rate so so far it's pretty manageable.

I'm kind of bummed it seems difficult to deal with. I don't really want to go messing around with my water now that my tank has finally finished cycling. Are there any good tips of how to deal with it?

My tank is a 20 gallon tall (so 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and around 16 inches tall). I have an Aquaclear 50 set to about half strength. My tank is moderately planted (and a bit overgrown right now, water wysteria grows too quickly!). I'm not sure if it matters, but I have 1 betta, 2 dwarf frogs, 2 nerite snails, 8 habrosus cories and 7 forktail rainbowfish.

I've been lowering the amount of light (from around 10-12 hours down to about 6-8, I don't have a timer so it's a bit wonky, oops!). The lights themselves are two random 13 watt, 6500K CFLs. I haven't been using any fertilizers for the last few weeks, but I've still been using Excel. I do at least one 50% water change a week (typically two).
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