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Help on water conditioner please anyone

Since I been using the water conditioner that came with my betta kit, it was pretty easy to use. But now I want to use my old tetra Aquasafe, how do I give the correct dose for my half gallon tank? The direction says 5ml for 10 gallon, so I was thinking of doing 1ml for my half gallon. It's overdose I know but will it hurt the fish? It's hard to be accurate with aquasafe with a small tank. Oh btw whats the difference between the betta water conditioner and a regular water conditioner like tetra aqua safe
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well prime is 5 ml per 50 gallons, which ends up being 2 drops per gallon. so you'd need 10 drops a gallon for yours since it treats 1/5 the amount, so 5 drops for a half gallon. I hate math, lol. I think most betta conditioners are just more diluted versions of regular formulas. they're kind of a ripoff really
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So tetra aqua safe says 5 ml for 10 gallon so if I do 1 ml, that would be double dose my hafl gallon. Is double dosing ok? It's better to double dose than to under dose in my opinion. Plus it's hard to get exactly the dose the half gallon tank needs since it's so small
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Is your Betta living in a half gallon? ._______.

Anyways, it's better to overdose than underdose in my opinion, underdosing may leave substances that is harmful to your Betta. I guesstimate my water conditioner, and I'd probably even double dose it several times before but my Betta seems fine.
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Double dosing will not damage the fish. Half a gallon is not very much room for your fish, though... :(

There is likely no difference between the betta conditioner and the regular conditioner. Read the descriptions, what it claims to remove from the water, and the major ingredients. They will probably be the same. There is a whole line of products out there "specifically for bettas" that are a crock of s**t. Bettas need room to swim, clean water, and meaty food. Anything that claims to be the best for bettas is likely a lie, because bettas do best in 5+ gallon heated, filtered, HEAVILY planted tanks. Anything else is a marketing gimmick. This was not meant to criticize your betta care or tank size, just a heads up on bettas. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and unfortunately most people (myself included) learned this the hard way, or after money had already been spent on useless betta stuff.
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