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Two Week Update!

Hey, folks! Hard to believe two weeks have passed already. I figured I'd share some progress pictures on my pals. Wish I had a better camera for you, though.

First off, I split my 10 gallon tank 3 ways for my three betta. In the end, they all seem to like having their own little place instead of wandering around the big 20 gallon tank.

Fade is still pulling her fading trick. Days are I'll walk in and find her a bit pale and horizontally stripey. Other times (like today) I'll find her darker, richer, and vertically stripey - I suspect from flirting with Lance.

She's got pretty lavender body/fins and darker head, with even more purpley iridescence.

Next up is Hunter. She just got darker and darker from her original... dark. Heh. She's just too cool for school over on her end of the tank, with a black head, blue/purple body, red pectorals (hard to capture in photos), and teal iridescence.

I really strongly believe that Hunter and Fade are from the same spawn. They've never once looked at the other cross-eyed, and have basically always been within a foot of eachother.

Finally, there's Lancelot. What a fish! He went from that pale, mopey wraith to this:

It's really hard to catch him with his fins fully extended (the anal isn't as lopsided as it looks here; the front is just compressed from swimming), but he's just sooooo striking when he flares. I really did not see that one coming.

After some thought, I decided to put up an aquarium background. The way I figured it, maybe Fade was still sometimes all pale because she felt really exposed all around.

Let's just say that Lance was not fooled. He knew that fish in the reflection was up to no good and he was having NONE of it:

After five minutes of non-stop flaring, I took it down and reached a compromise:

I guess we'll see how that goes with the girls.

Oh, and those little craft flower pots in there are from me considering trying an Amano shrimp out with each of them. I figure it it could really help keep their respective areas clean. Anyone have any thoughts on that? I've read sometimes it works out fine, and other times it leads to battles royale. Maybe I'll just have to try it and observe?
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Old 07-22-2013, 09:59 PM   #12 
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WOW!! Lancelot looks amazing! That's awesome! :)
Thanks for the update. It's great to see your fishies are doing well. The tank looks great too :)
I can't really give you any advice on the shrimp. But I hope someone can because I'm a bit curious about shrimp myself!
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Holy wow, Lancelot!! He looks fantastic, they all do! Great job with them!

As for Fade, I have a girl who does the same thing. When I wake up and turn on the tank light in the morning, half the time she is striped and pale and looks stressed. But as soon as I turn on the light and she sees her tankmates (she's in the sorority), she darkens INSTANTLY and her fins regain their bloodred color. Funny little thing!
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