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Bubble Nest? Fin Rot?

Hello every one i am a new betta father, and new to the forums as well. iv had my new betta, Skye, Since last thursday, he is in a 2.5 G bowl with pebbles at the bottom and one artificial plant (there used to be 2 but i took it out for more room). my fish has beautiful fins and colours and i reeeeally dont want him to get fin rot and if he does i wanna take care of it right away. ive read fin rot comes from bacteria in the water, so ive desided im going to use my gravel vaccum to do a water change every 2-3 days, is this 2 often, and how much water should be changed, 50%, 25%? i looked at his fins today and his tail looks a tiny different kinda like the smallest start to fin rot ever, i might just not have noticed it before and thats how it is and am stressin over nothing. today when i awoke and went to say hello i noticed a decent amount of bubbles on the surface occupiing about 1/5 or 1/6 of the bowl and around the edges. if a fish has fin rot or is starting to get it will they creat a bubble nest? i am wonding cause i was under the impression that a bubble nest means they are happy and healthy. it would be greatly aperciated if any one coule answer my questions or give me any tips.

he is my girlfriends and i love child lol and ive read often on here that a bigger tank, filter and heater is better, should we leave him alone if he is making bubble nests in his bowl and not bother?
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Hello, Welcome to the forum!

Just a few starter tips. The best way to keep a betta is in a low-flow filtered tank, especially if you decide to cycle it. some people do, others (myself included) do not. 2.5 gallon is enough to hold him happily. Some will say a minimum of 5 gallon, but i personally believe that a 2.5 is fine.

I would recommend giving him a 30% water change twice a week if you are that committed. other wise a 50% once a week. THe gravel vac is a good idea!
Any way you can get use a closer pic of his fins so we can let you know?
Fin rot isn't really difficult to get rid of, (mine just went through it), and his fins never totally went away, since i caught it really early on. you just use this anti-biotic called "maracyn." you put it in his water for about 9 days and viola! no more fin rot then just keep his tank really clean. also, if you are worried about the fin rot, make sure to keep his water really clean, and when you think he has it, change the water every other day. the clean water will battle the fin rot.

I have also learned, if you keep his tank warm *hint hint... Heater!* his colors will show much better. And don't worry, his color may change a little just from being in better water conditions and happier. Most bettas color will change. some drastically some not so much. But I have never seen a betta get uglier

Good luck with him! let us know if you have any more questions!
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thanks for your help, i now have a picture of him as my avitar, but im using my girlfriends camera, its hard to get a non blury close up with it though its a nikon coolpixL14 but i will try maybe it has somthing to do with the roundness of his bowl
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